"Judgement Day" as written by and Lolly Vegas....
Red, black, and green, you know what I mean?
Like the devil did all this shit
This is judgment day
Jesus Christ is black
This is judgment day
Jesus is white with blond hair, and blue eyes
This is judgment day
Do black people get in heaven, mommy, huh?
This is judgment day
And as leader of the KKK, kill all niggers!
Judgment day, 666, no time to pray, so don't say amen
We're headin' for Armageddon
I'm bleedin' as I'm sweatin'
As I walk the flatlines, we're runnin outta time
Dead by day is what I said sometimes though
I'd rather be dead is what I said so take it slow
Time to pay back, so hit the play back
Visions of killin' preachers in a psychotic flash back
God's gonna get me, that's what they told me a minute ago
The fallen angel strangle seven row
And in that time I learned one thing, jack
Follow the yellow brick road, and don't look back
Now they tryin' to get me, but I'ma get you first
The unholy dead, so now I think it's much worse
Good and evil collide, Jeckel and nigga hyde
Put 'em together and you get another homicide
Suicidal tendencies tend to get in the way
Face your sins, Armageddon, it's judgment day
Day of judgment, God is calling!
And as God has struck the hour
Thou shall not sin, so I grin as I sing a song
Who the fuck are you, to tell me what's right and wrong?
Death is in my eyes, I wear no disguise
You're gonna pay for those little white lies
No more Mr. nice guy, I filibuster
When I said fuck you, I was disgusted
But you can't trust it, 'cause I can't trust it
Reverend Swagger, the preacher busted
You're goin' to hell, for all your sins
Pins and needles, needles and pins
Voodoo doctor, on the rocks with vodka
The preacher got busted with a whore, got ya!
Man on the moon, but still can't fly right
Now he's gonna fake his death, he can't die right
Selling Bibles on the corner but you'll pay
For all your sins, it's judgment day
Day of judgment, God is calling!
Satan laughing spreads his wings, Oh lord yeah!
You mutha fuckin' sinner, blind ass bitch
Stealin' from the poor, just to get rich
Judgment day, you're gonna pay and you'll burn
They're gonna tie your ass to a stake and let ya burn
For all that punk ass shit you tried, Praise the lord!
Bitch be quiet!
'cause you can't brain wash me, I'm not brain dead
You're better off takin' two to the head
Judgment day, Armageddon is on it's way
Now the last thing you want to do is pray
You say you're sorry for all those things you did
But that don't work
You say you're sorry for all those souls you stole
But that don't work
You say you're sorry for stealin' that money out the collection plate
Now meet your fate, it's judgment day!
Satan laughin', oh lord yeah!

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"Judgement Day" as written by Lolly Vegas

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