"Half in Love Half in Hate" as written by Morten Harket and Ole Olsen....
Half in love and half in hate
Someone told me it is late
Late on earth he said, maybe
late in you
And late in me
Darker than it has to be

Tell me just another lie
Now we're woven under ice
Tell me that there is no other
I am a child - Be my mother
If you lie, babe - If you bother

Since you raised that wall around you
Since I lost you
I have found you strange
And I could swear for sure
Haven't seen that girl before
Half in love and half at war

Hey, you're looking strange
And everything you do
Girl, it seems arranged
Dark words drift away
I have nothing more to say

Soon this moon will rise
And in this stony night
I have to see your face
See the lines that make you old
Stony silence, touched by gold

Everything's too late
Too late for love, and suddenly
Too late for hate

There's only one thing left to do
I have to face this other you…

There's only one thing left to do
I have to face this other you…
Other you

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"Half in Love Half in Hate" as written by Ole Olsen Morten Harket

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Half in Love Half in Hate song meanings
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    My OpinionConsidering the entire spiritual upheaval that Morten had undergone during the early 90's (roughly around the time this album was in the works/released), this album strikes me as Morten's open denunciation of the Christian God of the Bible and initiation into paganism and the occult (no different that most/all other artists in the music industry who eventually end up on that route). In one interview in 1999 with a Christian journalist, he stated that he had to start from scratch, throw everything away, including his Christian faith/beliefs, and reflect unto his life. The album's title "Wild Seed" is an explicit reference to the Bible's seed parable with a twist as Morten chooses the term "wild" to refer to the fact that he shall no longer obey God's word, and it's a core notion that echoes throughout the album.

    While many believe "Half in Love, Half in Hate" is just a song about a girl, I am of the opinion that this song is Morten addressing and questioning the God of the Bible, that to him HE is a God not only of love but also of hate (in direct contrast to Christian beliefs that God is good and there is no darkness in HIM), even to the point of calling HIM a liar ("Tell me just another lie / Tell me there is no other") where "other" I believe refers to the "other life" as Christians believe in life after death with Jesus Christ (resurrection and judgement).

    Interestingly, in many of Morten's photos around that time, he was always photographed wearing the "Ankh", a pagan symbol worn in ancient mystical religions (Egyptians, Babylonians, etc.) who believe in reincarnation (i.e. no ascension and judgement and thus again in direct contrast to Christian beliefs). Many of the album's songs are just Morten being plainly thankful for "seeing the light" (induction into the occult), in such songs as "Tell me what you see", "Wild seed", "Lord", etc. and it couldn't get any more obvious in a less known single that Morten had sung, "Gospel from a Heathen", which is not contained in this album.
    AndreaAA17on January 06, 2018   Link
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    My InterpretationI think both interpretations- of the subject either being God or a girl - are interesting, even though I personally like to think that the song is about a soured or broken relationship between the singer and a spouse. In my view, the lyrics “Since you raised that wall around you/Since I lost you/I have found you strange” reflect that this person in the singer’s life has effectively walled herself emotionally away from the singer, and this break in communications/togetherness has caused her to almost become alien to the singer, so much so that he feels he doesn’t recognize her - “And I could swear for sure/Haven't seen that girl before”; additionally, the lyrics “Hey, you're looking strange/And everything you do/Girl, it seems arranged/Dark words drift away/I have nothing more to say” could also represent said alienation between the singer and the other person, in that anything she does seems forced, and he can see through her wooden demeanor, Although, I think that these certain lyrics could also work for the God interpretation, that since the singer has lost his faith (or experienced a moment in which he distanced himself from his faith), everything that he had once believed as being true seems so alien, that he doesn’t recognize those same beliefs anymore. Either way, I think this is a great song, and this is all just my interpretation.
    AkibaRedon January 10, 2018   Link

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