"Nightmoves" as written by and Michael Lewis Small....
The music begins and the titles fade in, starrin' you and me
The hero is struggling to say that his lady is far away
In her prison of wishes

We love and we fight but it's all day for night just a masquerade
We'll read till the red light is off then we go take our faces off
Like two clowns in a side show

Love is like two dreamers dreamin' the exact same dream
Just another Technicolor romance on the screen

Love is like two dreamers dreamin' the exact same dream
Just another Technicolor romance on the screen

I keep you in frame and I whisper your name till the picture fades
The feeling is already gone, I don't know why I'm going on
Can't remember the ending

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"Nightmoves" as written by Michael Lewis Small

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Nightmoves song meanings
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    My InterpretationThe song uses film making as a metaphor for the relationship between the singer and his girlfriend. Clearly the relationship is in trouble and probably over, yet he is not able to completely accept this.

    For those of you who may not be familiar with them, here are definitions of some of the terms used and their possible meaning in the song.

    "Day for night" (also known as la nuit américaine, American night) is a film techniques used to simulate a night scene when in fact it is broad daylight. Here it means fake, not the real thing. "masquerade" and "take our faces off", reinforce this.

    BTW, "Day for Night" or "La nuit américaine" is also a film made by François Truffaut. Well worth watching. It is his take on what creating a film is like, similar to Fellini's "8 1/2".

    "Red light is off": there is a red light on the camera to let the actors know that they are being filmed. Same thing is done on TV cameras. I am not sure what he means here. Almost certainly it means acting versus reality, but he says "We're real 'till the red light is off". Is he being sarcastic? You can't use quotes in singing, but maybe he means "We're "real".

    "In frame": the actor is visible on screen, i.e. is not off screen. So the focus in on the actor(s) who are in frame. Here, I think he is saying that she is always on his mind even though "the feeling is already gone". "Can't remember the ending" may mean he doesn't remember what it was that brought them to this point. Or it may mean that he can't believe that the relationship has actually ended.

    The bridge "Love is like..." offers the observation that "love", or rather, being "in love", is not real either. I happen to agree with this. I regard it as a form of insanity, a form of folie à deux, where the couple who are in love ignore the bad points of the other, exaggerates the virtues, and is in denial of the real problems that the relationship faces, and the probability that they will be overcome (cf. Romeo and Juliet).

    Like a dream or a movie, it will eventually come to an end. IMO, it is an illusion created by abnormal neuro-chemistry. For example, bi-polars are particularly subject to "falling in love" with inappropriate people when they are hypo-manic.

    When your brain gets back to normal, the illusion fades and dies. An example of the irrationality of being in love is the belief that "love conquers all", something particularly believed by teenagers ;-), once again, cf. Romeo and Juliet.
    rwhaller42on March 28, 2013   Link

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