Stop, my head is playing tricks again, won't it ever stopBaby, help me listen to my heart and then, take me to the topI'm afraid of love, so afraid of love, and I'm scared to make it rightBut I know tonight that it's my last chance, my last shotAt real love, and I wanna take itLast chance, with a slow dance in the big time, and I wanna make itTonight you're gonna show me what love is and whyBetween the sweatin' 'n' lovin' and the whisper and the cryI'm so tired of all this shit that I feel, show me something realChorus:Carry me away, baby carry me awayI'm in love with you tonight, feels so rightCarry me away, come on carry me away, I wanna be with you, what can I do?You've got the power, you got the loveTo take me to heaven or to leave me to heartbreakI spent my life waitin' for the future and livin' in the pastBaby, show me love that I can hold on to, give me something that'll lastI'm a total wreck, but I'm up to my neckIn this love I'm in, and I can't do a thingIt's a long shot, a far cry from a real world, me and you babyLast chance at the slow dance, in the bright lights, and I think that maybeTonight it's gonna happen, no need of tryin'Between the sweatin' 'n' lovin' and the whisper and the cryI'm so scared of all this feeling I feel, show me something realchorus(Solo)You got the power, you got the loveTo take me to heaven or to leave me to heartbreakchorus

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Carry Me Away song meanings
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