[Knightowl (Talkin)]
Straight out of Sur Trese Califas
Home of that Wop Town Crazy
That mothafuckin untouchable Knightowl
Throwin up that 619 with a bullet to the spine

I be the one that busted
All of them fools got dusted
Punk MCs like you I should of known
Could never be trusted
There's nobody better
Now I got to put em in line
I'm the one that'll rhyme
That'll win but you never been able to kick
Don't ever think that you'll be able to stick
I'm sick, the rhyme bring come wicked
My knife I gotta go stick it
Inside of that fool
That's talkin smack
Where you at punk bitch
I knew that you where nothing
But a women bustin raps
Who be the one bad enough
To come and take my snaps
I make the cream I got the money
Bitches yell my name
But the fame don't get to me
I'm still the mothafuckin same
original, individual
That's bringin criminal tattics
MCs they all best run
When I be the one with the gun
Now who be the next opponent
Come and step in my domain
I'll blow out your brain
And leave your mom's
In lot's of fuckin pain
Knightowl's the man
The plan I got's it all wrapped up
I'm best
But those that want to try will die
I'm from The Wicked West

I be from The Wicked West
Where I roam
On the street with the chrome
So you won't make it home
I be killin MC by the bunches
I'm be the one that droppin
All them deadly punches

I'm that bald headed thug
So many sins I done committed
It makes me think some day
Til my dome will get splitted
But I don't ever quit it
Don't battle me forget it
If not you'll be the next
And I'll be proud to say I did it
The Knightowl got's em all in check
Primero en esta lista
Simon estoy vien cabron
Tirando raps en esta pista
Nobody's better then me
That M I see I be controlin
When ever you bustin raps
The lyrics that you kick be stolen
Who in the fuck want to try
They must all want to die
When bullets fly
Inside of those that bite
I got to tell em all goodnite
I'm be the one that gots the clips
I'm ready to bust them fuckin hips
You'll never be able to make it
I smoke em all
When my chrome spits
Puttin them under the ground
Come bring all the baddest around
Leavin em all in the box
Wise just like an Owl
But I be slick just like a fox
Do you want to test
And get that bullet inside of your chest
I'll sin the hood that I claim
Is tattooed arcossed my back
It's in my skin


I be the fool that keeps knockin on your door
Open it up and let me in
The rhymes I bring out more
It's the style that I'ma kick
Simon I got em all over my dick
Nobody's ever been able to do
The shit I do so fuck you
You ain't got the skills like me
Make no mistake but if you do
The some one will be waiting
With the cake at the gate
I'm untouchable The Knightowl
Yes you know that's who I be
From the city of the wicked
I'ma rock all SD
I be comin insane
That's just the way I flow my lyrics
I'm smokin all them fools
Straight to the dome I got no gimmics
I'm bringin a lyrical twist
And clutch my fist un dedo al aire
Para todos las maricas
Mis palabras to masticas
Lord for give me
I'm caught up in the mix of violence
Since the day that I started buckin fools
I dreamed in silence
Do you really know what's on the other side
Of them tracks
When life is done nobody knows
Do you somebody that's been bad


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