"Thug Brothers" as written by and Victor/rios Santiago....
Yeah, Nore, Big Pun, Funk Flex
A lot of ghetto things goin on right here
?, N.O.R.E., N.O.R.E.
Big Punisher, Punisher
We on some s***
Thugs ?
Yo, I got no license, two cars but hey
Yo a GS grey, and a CLK
Never, ? so it can lead my way
My first, album was dope but ain't, get no play
We smoked out, with them MLX's
I'm underground but I sold records, for you SoundScan freaks
CNN, yeah this is like our 60th week
Yo Flex, you got the Jeep but now you gettin the peep
Me and you goin platinum, cause you f***in with me
This is the final chapter, you told me, volume three
Yo, come through, eat n****z like ? you
And tell them b****es in the back, that we want to f*** too
We at the Mariott, meet us at, 12:02
N.O.R.E., Flex and the Punisher crew
We gonna do it for the ghetto, and the families too
Cause if I had friends, I wouldn't have a two door Benz
I, be on some deep s***, only coppin cheap s***
Thinkin long term, not thinkin on some weak s***
I don't trust, no one now, cause they hate me
Everybody known to snake me, cornflake me
Lately, I concentrated, on my decision
I promised myself, I'd never go back to prison
Chorus: Nore and Pun
[Nore] Yo Thug Brothers!
[Pun] Deeper than blood, my peoples is bugged
We keep two and slugs, under deep in the clubs
[Nore] Yo Thug Brothers!
[Pun] Big Nore and Pun, we're warriors from
the glorious and the most notorious suns
[Nore] Yo Thug Brothers!
[Pun] Thug s*** at heart, we bugged from the start
Rugged and smart, f*** it who want it, it's sparked
[Nore] Yo Thug Brothers!
[Pun] ?Just West, Pun from GS?
Yo Funk Flex, Noreaga ????
[Big Punisher]
You brave in the heart, playin a part amazingly smart
Razor sharp, futuristic raps, state of the art
Takin New York cats past the start
First it was Nasty Nas then watch me turn a apple into Macintosh
Computer chip, locomotion flow, ????
Tote the toast on low, business never personal
Just some words to know, if you from the streets, come in piece
or leave in pieces, even Jesus was killed by the polices
They crucified him now they inject us refuse to fry em
The pendulum state of death is my fate, cool I'm dyin
If that's my destiny it's meant to be, just remember
to bury the motherf***in that bent me right, next to me
Aight crew? (No doubt Pun!) Aight then
Let's fight then, I'm hype blend, comin with the thunder
and the lightening, inviting the comp, ice on the arm
Nights on the storm, put knives in your moms, right up in the Bronx
Mic in the palm, it's the Ghetto God
I tear a n**** heart, out his frame, when I scream, Terror Squad
We larger than life, my initials carved in my wife
She'd share to starve on my diet, understand I'm like God in her eyes
The father of Christ, get a mere mortal
Blessin beer bottles by the dozen with Nore it's Brothers Thuggin
Chorus latter 1/2

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"Thug Brothers" as written by Victor Santiago Christopher Rios

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