Intro: Worldwide yu see from yu a good fucka man mi want unno big up
Unno hood cah mi catash deh ya a wait fi unno man
Off di air mi wan one a unno
Watch dis no man stab up mi meat ya man
Watch dis
Chorus: Mi hear yu can grind good and yu can fuck sweet
Stab out mi meat, stab out mi meat
Di bighood weh yu have a mad gal out a street
Stab out mi meat
Verse 1: Watch yah, yu ol time gal dem siddun pon you name
Seh di fuck weh you gi dem bring joy and pain
Mi waan feel it too so jus ride mi d same
Mi no care how yu dweet jus deal wid mi case
If mi get breed mi naw go mention yu name
Jus di fuck alone an den mi gone bout mi ways
Chorus rep
Verse 2: Watch dis weh yu have mi a do baby
Yu have mi siddun yah long time mi a starve
Naw give mi no fuck and gone a gal yard
But yu see tinight mi want it stiff and hard
Mi no care how yu dweet jus tear off mi draws
Ova mi pussy dem a set watch dawg
But lady saw mi want it stiff and hard
Chorus Rep
But yu see di careless bwoy dem weh beg fuck and waan suck
Bridge: I'll do funny things if yu want mi to but I won't suck it
Mi tell him fi keep him tongue bath ting to himself yu kno
Watch dis again
Mi tell him pose mi anyway fuck mi pon d floor but mi naw go
Naam it
Dats why mi tell him dis off di air yu kno
Watch dis, mi tell him
Mi seh fi beg mi di fuck and no beg mi no suck
Lady saw naw suck no suck suck
Mi no care if yu fuck mi and put on di brush
Jus di fuck alone it will suit enuff
Cause I'll do funny things if yu want mi too
But I won't suck it
Mi seh di fur burger ting mi no inna yu hear mi
Watch dis
Pose mi anyway fuck mi pon di floor but mi naw go naam it
Dats why mi tell di article fucka bwoy dem seh
Chorus Rep
Rep Verse 1
Chorus rep
Rep Verse 2
Watch dis all di suckesha dem
Bridge Rep

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Stab out the Meat(remix) Lyrics as written by Hall

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Stab out the Meat(remix) song meanings
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