Hey, Snoop! (Wassup?)

More hits than Mafioso made
And Lucky Luciano 'bout to sing soprano
And I know, I know the way you feel
And baby bubba we gon' keep it on the real
Just to get you caught up in amazement
We puffin' on Cubans so it might get dangerous
Now when it dizzo, you can sit on bizzack
And let the Bizzow Wizzow ride the trizzack (ha ha)
Now, how you feelin'? I'm up to set it, I'm ridin' like a villain
Makin' a killin', I"m thrillin' the crowd with my new hairdo
Outfits from Hugh's (what?)
Fifty-dollar socks (uh-uh), hundred-thousand dollar shoes
Man, I give the blues to them sucka MC's
Who you be? You know who I be
Young nigga, I'm the Doggfather

(Snoop Doggy Dogg is Doggy-Doggfather)
Yeah, come on, yeah, now come on, it's Dogg
Yeah, yeah, come on, yeah
Ah, come on, yeah, ah, come on, yeah (Snoop Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Snoop)
Now come on, Dogg, yeah, Doggfather (Snoop Doggy Dogg is Doggy-Doggfather)
Ah, come on, uh, come on, uh
Uh, come on

Let's make a move for this paper (ayo where we rollin' Dogg?)
We gots to get paid, makin' money, all y'all
I mean I steps to the stage in my G-boy stance (what?)
And kick a few rhymes to make your girls wanna dance
I'm so fly like a dove (dove), I come from up above ('bove)
You trippin' on your girl 'cause she showed me love
Nigga don't beat her (beat her)
'Cause if you beat 'em (beat 'em), you don't need 'em (need 'em)
You lay your hands on baby, watch how fast they take your freedom
I delete 'em ('lete 'em), and don't mistreat 'em (treat 'em)
I stay up on 'em (on 'em), but that's one to grow on (grow on)
Let me flow on (flow on, flow on)
You can rock to the rhythm you see
Or you can rock to the rhythm of me (uh), me (uh), me
But when you do your thang
Make sure you do your thang on a hang
And everythang, is everythang
Man, I'm on this paper chase
Like them white boy D.A.'s was on the case
But you know I ain't tryin' to floss, but, uh
Murder was the, murder was the case that they lost
I'm the Doggfather

(Snoop Doggy Dogg is Doggy-Doggfather)
Come on, yeah, come on, come on
Somebody say, "Hell, yeah" (come on) (hell, yeah)
Say, Hell yeah" (come on) (hell, yeah)
Do anybody in the house remember (when there wasn't no Snoop Dogg?)
Come on, come on, yeah (hell yeah)
Come on, yeah, come on (hell yeah, hell yeah)
Come on (hell yeah, hell yeah)
Now Snoop tell me somethin'

Do anybody in the house remember (what?)
When there wasn't no Snoop Dogg? (Hell yeah!)
There wasn't no rappers hollin' 'bout L-B-C (L-B-C)
Am I trippin' y'all? (Hell nah!)
Now, when I grow up, I wanna be like Snoop (uh-huh)
Have prestigious women
And stay true from the beginning
In and out of the flyest hotels
They say your family don't know me
Hold on homie, that's promo and foremost
Sales (sales), tails (tails), scales and jails
Success before death
No one in my clique fails
As we bails with the Almighty Fatherly (yeah)
Exceeding to give our peoples what they need
And it ain't no party like this kind (uh-uh)
'Cause you can leave your worries behizzind (alright, uh-uh)
But I'ma get back to the grizzind
Snoop D-O-Double-G comin' back for mizzine (come on, come on, now come on, uh)
And I'm the Doggfather

Yo Doggy, yo Doggy
Ooh-wee (it's about that time) (yeah)

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