"The Story of One Chord" as written by and Mojo Nixon....
said yeah, the story of one chord)

Well way back in the cave times, bunch of cave guys sitting around a
fire, sitting around
a fire with a two string guitar, playing that sucker and they only had
one chord, yeah they
only had one chord, they had one chord, one riff, and it went like this,

And they said (gibberish). Sometimes you could hear 'em, off in the
distance, late at
night, you close your eyes, underneath the full moon, you could hear 'em
going, ooh
mooga mooga (etc). I can hear 'em, can you hear 'em, they're out there
and they're
singing, they're singing the story of one chord, they're doing that one
chord boogie, it
was a boogie woogie and it went like, like-a like-a like this:

Then one day, a guy came from across the mountaintops, came from the
other side of the
hills, he says "Boys, we need some brand new thrills," he says, "Listen
cats, what we need
is another chord, cause I'm a-mighty bored." And everybody said, "Oh no,
you can't have
another chord." He says "Man," he says, "Man, I'm a-looking for another
chord," he says,
"I'm a-searching for another chord." He went out on a hunt, he went out
across the tundra,
over the mountains, through the woods, he went past grandma's house he
did. He was
looking for another chord, he said "No longer will I be bored," he says
"I'm searching
searching searching searching," high and low, high and low, looking
everywhere, looking
everywhere, even looking in his underwear. Then one day, one day he saw
it, he did not
see the letter E, but he saw the letter A, he said "Say, I think that
might be another chord
on top of that hill!" He started walking, he started running, he started
having some fun,
yeah, he said "There is the other chord, man oh man I want that chord, I
hear it, hear it,
come, here comes another chord, (???), hear that chord, here I go..."

Here it goes
Here it comes

From now on he is playing A-E, in various rhythms...
Here it comes, comes, comes, here it comes
Here it comes, here it comes
Here it comes, comes, comes, now
I got one chord now I got me another
Yeah I got one chord now I got me another
Yhea two chords, boogly woogly
Two chords, hiya balam (?)

Two chords yeah, I love that second chord

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"The Story of One Chord" as written by Mojo Nixon


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