Out of the sea the isle of kings
For those followers just and true
Sturdy captains of the spray
Beneath the great pillar’s view
But wayward words can bewitch and bend
Forge an ignoble fate
Warp and deceive the purest of wills
Sand a land to watery grave

Cold winds and pouring rain
Smashes the beams as we fight the raging sea
Cold winds and pouring rain
Harries the sails as we flee the sacred isle

Fallen lords ever clinging to life
In chambers rich enshrined
Allegiance lent to malignant powers
Black prayers and sacrifice
Lures to assail the undying lands
A voyage of ruinous doom
With sorry hearts the faithfull fly
And a seed of the white tree’s bloom

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The Downfallen song meanings
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    Song MeaningThis song is about the Akallabêth, part of the The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien. The Akallabêth (meaning "The Downfallen" in Adûnaic) is about how the men who helped the gods win the War of Wrath were granted an island (Númenor) to set up a great realm. To make long story short, they eventually captured Sauron and took him prisoner, but but he slowly fooled the king and most of the people into worshipping Morgoth (the Dark Lord). Some resisted and fled the island as the king launched an assault on the undying lands (realm of the gods). The island was sunk under the sea and evil king and his man were killed. The few faithfull fled to middle earth.

    I was a bit surprised Forefather would write song about Tolkien's works, I figured their lyrics were a bit more "serious" but still cool none the less.
    pujeon January 28, 2012   Link

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