"Darkness" as written by and Leonard Cohen....
I caught the darkness, it was drinking from your cup
I caught the darkness drinking from your cup
I said is this contagious?
You said just drink it up.

I got no future,
I know my days are few
The present's not that pleasant
Just a lot of things to do
I thought the past would last me
But the darkness got that too

I shoulda seen it coming
It was right behind your eyes
You were young and it was summer
I just had to take a dive
When I knew was easy, the darkness was the price.

I don't smoke no cigarette, I don't drink no alcohol
I ain't had much loving yet
But that's always been your call
Hey I don't miss it baby
I got no taste for anything at all

I used to love the rainbow
And I used to love the view
Another early morning, I'd pretend that it was you
But I caught the darkness baby
And I got it worse than you

I caught the darkness, it was drinking from your cup
I caught the darkness, drinking from your cup
I said is this contagious?
You said just drink it up

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"Darkness" as written by Leonard Cohen

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    General CommentI think it's about being a gimp.

    The darkness was him adventuring into BDSM as a noob after being tempted by a dominant woman. He just wanted it to be a fling, not something he got hooked on.

    Now flash forward to now and he's just locked up in cage being tortured by his mistress. "Just a lot of things to do" are the sex acts she makes him do. He thought the good times when he still was able to go back to his "normal" life when he could still go home and this was just a hobby. But unfortunately the lifestyle got him so hooked that now it's his life.

    He's lamenting being seduced by a woman who was younger and attractive. Again he thought it would be a fling, but it turned into his life.

    He can't smoke or drink because his mistress won't allow him. She barely gives him any affection since she dominates the relationship. She's given him just enough to keep him hooked, but at this point he's so miserable and numb that he doesn't even care anymore.

    Again thinking back on the past before the darkness took hold, how much he enjoyed small things, and how now he never gets that because the mistress dominates his life entirely. But what she doesn't know is that he's even more invested than she is this point.

    Either that or heroin. Because everything is about heroin.
    cmosdefon June 14, 2013   Link
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    General CommentCMOS has a colorful interpretation but wildly far afield from my own imaginings.
    I think it's much more mundane than an exotic sexual lifestyle. The whole album seems to be reflections from the experience of advanced years if not just simple and ongoing maturity.

    Basically, the speaker first began to grow a more cynical outlook, for better or for worse, after meeting this other person.
    I feel like the cynicism might just as easily be the extra cautions taken as one matures, a necessary evil.

    I see the darkness as representing those simple tendencies towards cynicism from the ideals of younger, carefree days.
    The present being less pleasant from "a lot of things to do" is simply increased responsibilities that come with maturity and accomplishment. In maturity you take on more happily, but, perhaps simultaneously allow a kind of cynicism to creep in and it colors your outlook, for better or worse.
    The cup belonged to another, possibly more experienced, "mature" friend or lover. She demonstrates the inevitability of this transition. He partakes of her attitude, drinking from that same "cup", wondering if he might adopt the same views himself once he learns of them.
    warmPhaseon September 27, 2014   Link

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