I saw the world through the lens of a pinhole camera
I saw nothing, I was blind
In between a black hole and a super nova is where you’ll find me
Imploding and expanding simultaneously
No longer blind

I’d been running away for so long
When I finally caught myself there wasn’t much left
The script’s last page is blank
And the medicine is gone

A sick monster, a twister of dark matter
On a heavier trip than you can comprehend
A tornado trying to mend the life it shattered
Waiting for nothing to begin
A flat line, my insides are turning out

King me is killing me

King me is killing me

I keep walking past the places I was born in
Now their faces are blank, shiny, and dead
I don’t recognize a thing, I can’t recall them
A closed book that I can never read again
A flat line, my insides are turning out
The lights fade, this final war starts now

King me is killing me

King me is killing me

King me is killing me

King me is killing me

Killing me

All of that is ending now for I have arisen
Survived myself somehow, dead and imprisoned
I’m fighting to live if I am to see the day
I swear I’ll never sleep again
I am no man’s slave

I wanted the fog to lift but I was living in a cloud
Nostalgia is grinding the life from today
The present always dies in future memories
And King me is killing me
Cut wide open and bleeding to death for all to see

King me is killing me

King me is killing me

King me is killing me

King me is killing me

He’s killing me
He won’t kill me
I won’t let him kill me
He won’t kill me

Lyrics submitted by sepultura1987

"King Me" as written by David Randall Blythe Chris Adler

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    General Commentcorrection: no. check out his interview on loudwire.com about the album "Resolution" the song meaning is at the bottom of the article.
    thewebdevvon September 15, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningQuote from the loudwire interview mentioned below me:

    "So that’s what that song is kind of about, just taking a look at now and trying to make now better no matter what’s going on or no matter what’s gone."
    Thominatoron October 01, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI'm not sure what it is but it's a pretty intense song, and the lyrics seem pretty serious, so Im sure there is some deep meaning behind it.
    MetalRoxon July 17, 2012   Link
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    Song Meaningi think it means that if there is God or Satan, this is what it will be like. but one needs to fight for their lives to live on earth again. the last chance.

    maybe that's what it means...
    thewebdevvon September 15, 2012   Link
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    General CommentLife after death.

    'King me' standing for the privilege given after death, and it's killing him not knowing what it is. The more I read into it, the more sense it makes and the more profound it is. If I had an hour I'd break it down by sentence... Bottom Line, this song is amazing.
    brucedotwillison October 12, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThe song seems to be about the loss of omnipotence that one feels at the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood. The grandiosity in the self calls out for great things but the person as such has not stepped out or done much to satisfy 'King Me'
    thereckoneron February 26, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationFor me, this song is about personal duality and the struggle that takes place when an individual finds themselves at war with their own subconscious desire for death. When the relationships, status, or possessions that we define ourselves in relation to disappear, some of us question our relevance to life and reality. (Walking past the places I was born in... faces blank shiny and dead) If the subconscious mind (King Me) wants to die its like being engaged in a game of chess with an opponent that is able to foresee and motivate your every move.
    dvyper08on March 14, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationIn my opinion, it seems as if the man has an unfinished matter to solve.
    In this case it is symbolized with the line "The script last page is blank".
    The man can't finish what he started.
    Thus it bother him and driving him mad. Leading to a desire for untimely death.
    His struggle for perfection ended up in a critical failure.
    Even so, the other side of him preventing him from doing so.
    "King me" is that other side.
    "King me is killing me" means that other side of him is torturing him for holding back his desire to kill himself. The line "he won't kill me" means that other side continuously torturing him but won't end his life no matter what.
    And so he is stuck between life and death.
    mardi10000on August 07, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI feel like this song is about struggles with addiction. The way the instruments begins is so desperate. Randy says he sees "the world through a pinhole camera". Which is too say he's pinned out on dope or opiates.

    He'd been running away from the truth of it for so long that he forgot who he was. He's trying to fix things with his life whilest being high but it just doesn't work.

    He dreams for days of yesteryear but no matter what, the ultimate persona of him "king me" (the addiction) is killing him.

    He wants the "fog to lift" and he "survived himself somehow dead and imprisoned". He wants to get out of the struggles of addiction but he's a space to it. HIs noatalgia glorifies the good times of it all but ultimately he's killing himself.

    As it it ends he questions his addiction and his connection to it.
    Munky3000on November 04, 2014   Link
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    General CommentOkay first of all the name of the band is Lamb Of God right? which obviously means they have the full right to discuss about Jesus right? Now as far as the lyrics go, one thing is for sure that only Jesus himself can interpret the song in the correct way. This is why Lamb Of God write such complicated lyrics that are hard to grasp. Okay now my interpretation of the song line by line.

    "I saw the world.............no longer blind."

    Jesus saw the world through reason and justification but he found the end point and starting point to be nothing. Now he's no longer blind and he can see.

    "A sick monster.............insides are turning out."

    Jesus is what he is. He's mighty and unconquerable. He's waiting for the end to come. It starts from nothing and ends with nothing so he's waiting for nothing to begin.

    "King me is killing me."

    Jesus' own hate kills him. He knows that he has to go back to his crucifixion after he dies and ends the world.

    "I keep walking...............a closed book that I can never read again."

    Now Jesus is reborn and he's walking past all the places he was once born in. All the people have blank faces and for him they are dead. He can't remember anything or anyone he met once before he was alive the same way. 'A Closed Book' is The Bible that he once believed to be true but now he doesn't read it anymore. His insides are tearing out with fear and guilt.

    "All of that is ending...................no man's slave."

    Now if he dies the world ends and he is arisen. He is trying to live and fight his way out with fear and the thoughts that eat him up like insects. He is an insomniac and cannot sleep anymore because he thinks too much. He is no man's slave because he was only treated as shit.

    "I wanted the fog..................for all to see."

    He was lost and confused and for a long while he was unaware that he was Jesus. Nostalgia is grinding his life and he cannot enjoy his moments. His present always dies thinking about his future. Thinking how he's bleeding to death for all to see. How he expects that he won't turn out to be his own worst enemy.
    Abhirooparoraon November 21, 2014   Link

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