People say a roving woman
is likely not to be better than she ought to be;
so, when I stray away from where I’ve got to be,
someone always takes me home.

A lady never should habituate saloons,
and that is where I find myself on many afternoons.
But just as I begin to blow away the foam,
someone tips his hat to me and takes me home.

People say a roving woman
is likely not to be better than she ought to be;
so, when I stray away from where I’ve got to be,
someone always takes me home.

Now, poker is a game a lady shouldn’t play,
and every floatin’ poker game just seems to float my way.
But long before I’ve lost a thing besides my comb,
someone tips his hand to me and takes me home.

Don’t see why they always do it -
can’t be vanity; must be sheer humanity -
when some kind soul remarks with great urbanity:
'Lady, let me take you home.'

Of course, there’s bound to be some little aftermath
that makes a pleasant ending for the straight and narrow path.
And as I go to sleep, I cannot help but think
how glad I am that I was saved from cards and drink.

People say a roving woman
is likely not to be better than she ought to be;
so, when I stray, there’s positively got to be
someone there to take me home.

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    General Comment
    Is this satirical? I think it might be, but I don't know much about Connie.
    quirky_but_kewlon June 07, 2013   Link
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    General Comment
    I believe Connie Converse lyrics have their origin in how she lived her life: Don't look back with regret, not the same as saying you shouldn't change your behavior.
    OldestTomon September 11, 2022   Link
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    My Opinion
    A shame Connie wasn’t more known. Have listened to her songs on YouTube and she deserved to be more popular. I love Rovin Woman. Tried to get a CD of her stuff - How Sad, How Lovely but cannot get it anywhere. Wonder where she disappeared to?
    cheryl1036on September 15, 2023   Link

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