Crowds and torches fill the air
Surprise you're chosen, now finish it
Yell it louder really sink that point in

That sat for so long
For so long
(Behind these civilized eyes)
(Behind these civilized eyes)

Me, I'd let the panic ride and pin it on the wall
Identifying pride is the saddest of the chores
Those burning eyes indeed define a churning of the soul
Feels better to be lost, but haven't felt the choice

For so long
For so long
(Behind these civilized eyes)
(Behind these civilized eyes)

That's cold
That's cold
May your sources lead
Connecting to a ten fold
Identify your own
Fate has tortured us for too long

For so long, my demons
It's countdown for me
With blindfolds you held us
Till I found the best (revenge)
For so long my demons (revenge)
It's countdown for me (revenge)
With blindfolds you held us
Till I found the best

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"Revenge" as written by Samuel Loeffler Peter Loeffler

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    My InterpretationCrowds and torches fill the air. At first, to me as well it sounded like a witch hunt. However, I could not fit revenge into such circumstances.
    "Surprise your chosen now finish it": Surprise that you yourself have become your own victim, now kill yourself.
    "Identifying pride is the saddest of the chores": he has absolutely nothing to be proud of.
    "Those burning eyes indeed define the churning of the soul": he's hurting to a point where others can see him hurt.
    "Its better to be lost, but haven't felt the choice for so long": the pain has accumulated to a point where it can not be ignore.
    "Fate has torched us for to long": His life or fate has been an agonizing experience and hes had enough. Now, he will take his fate into his own hands.

    After 100 listens, it hit me out of the blue... he is taking revenge on his demons. Crowds and torches is a metaphor for "going all out" (per say) on his demons.
    All of the above is strictly my own personal opinion. Please forgive my dark interpretations.
    All that being said, there are a few lines that cast doubt regarding my own interpretation.
    DeadManLaughingon March 11, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI feel like the song is about taking revenge on oneself. For some reason I translate revenge to suicide. He is taking revenge on his demons by killing himself." For so long, my demons... Its countdown for me. With blindfolds, you held us... Till I found the best(Revenge)". Especially the "Its countdown for me" part. This song is in my top 3 songs off their (Hats off to the bull) album.... Anyone else care to share their views on this poetic work of art...???
    DeadManLaughingon March 07, 2012   Link
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    My Opinionhere goes another one of Pete s riddles. i think this is Pete venting again. the start of the song is talking about a band that sold out. "crowds and torches" are the people watching a concert. surprised your chosen are is the band on stage surprised that many people are there to see them or a band getting a grammy. me i let the panic ride and pin it to the wall is chevelle doing things thier way and takeing the loyal fans that they have and not careing about the commercial success. "identifying pride is the saddest of chores" is them haveing pride over commercial success, its like a chore that has to be done. "with blinding folds you held us" is the music industry never giveing them thier fare sahre of the pie. but then again i can be wrong. tell me what you think.
    bulldog82on March 24, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI feel like this song is about letting go of past hurts/grudges. "Crowds and torches fill the air. Surprise you're chosen, now finish it. Yell it louder really sink that point in that set for so long" referring to being confronted with ones grudge so to speak and finally expressing ones feelings on the matter.

    " Me, I'd let the panic ride and pin it on the wall" refers to letting anger and bitterness build up and outwardly expressing it, in this case by 'pinning it on the wall' or punching holes. then the next couple lines for me, are some of my most favorite in any song.

    "Identifying pride is the saddest of the chores. Those burning eyes indeed define a churning of the soul. Feels better to be lost, but haven't felt the choice for so long" refers to coming to terms with the fact that one has been too proud to admit hurt which has turned to anger and bitterness and rendered them unable to let go. once admitted, burning eyes, or tears, identify a churning of the soul, or an awakening of what once lay cold and numb due to anger and bitterness. "feels better to be lost" means its easier to just be cold and numb than to face hurt and the emotions that come with it and work through it. "but I haven't felt the choice for so long" means hes been numb for long that he's forgotten what its like to feel any different, or choose to feel any different.

    "For so long, my demons. It's countdown for me. With blindfolds you held us
    Till I found the best (revenge)" refers to him counting down the time that he'll allow his demons, or bitterness, to hold him hostage. "with blindfolds, you held us till I found the best revenge" again referring to bitterness and pride holding him hostage and blinding him until he realized that the best revenge is to just let it go. people are hurtful in order to cause one to be hurt. but if you let go of your hurt or anger, then their efforts are ineffective and all for not. one of my top favorite songs not only by chevelle but in general.
    kkegleyon June 29, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationFor so long, my demons, It's countdown for me

    I think he is talking to his demons hate, anger that his enemy is trying to knock him down

    With blindfolds you held us Till I found the best revenge

    The rage keep us up ...blindly... until we find a way to satisfy it giving to this demon something to eat (revenge)
    antoniokkbon October 07, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song tells its story or conveys its meaning using (1) an oppressive enemy, (2) a hero character breaking free and destroying the enemy, and (3) a timid outside observer describing the process and becoming inspired by it.

    Because the process being described is a difficult one, there has to be both the ideal hero performing the feat and a reluctant conventional person/perspective whom the listener can identify with. The process described in the song is a difficult one to undergo and prior to going through it one can identify with the feelings of "As for me? I'd let the panic ride out, and then just put together my thoughts the wall (where no one would know it was me and I can hide behind that anonymity and avoid the suffering that comes with being the messenger)" or feelings of "For so long I've been held down, oppressed and blinded by these demons". The observer, or anyone oppressed by psychological/emotional/spiritual torment feels the reluctance to look themselves in the mirror, face their own demons and take personal responsibility for freeing themselves. Yet they also feel the push, the inner conflict and burning desire to do so.

    The hero stands sacrificially open, vulnerable and outnumbered against a stronger enemy, mobbing crowd (of their demons). It seems to be a description of facing pride or ego, and being overmatched against it. The observer naturally reacts by sort of shaking their head, goading them on almost comically as if they think it unwise for the hero character to be putting themselves out there (the way we would shake our heads at somebody poking a sleeping grizzly bear with a stick). The observer then drops a clue as to what's involved in this confrontation the hero character is performing: identifying pride.

    In catholic tradition pride is the deadliest sin, seen as a futile attempt to equate oneself with god. In greek mythology one of their most scorned negative qualities (and a central moral of their stories) is the inflated pride ("Hubris") that leads to the fall of characters like Phaeton, Icarus, Minos and others. And in years it's the over-zealous preacher hiding behind a loud, condemning sermon all the while sinning behind the scenes that's become another picture of pride and failing to confront and deal with one's inner demons. That later image is most relevant to this song as the person going through a confrontation with their own pride will learn real quickly if their motives and intent is pure when they stand up against a swarming "crowd" of their own demons.

    The observer seems also to undergo a transformation of their own, going from shaking their head (almost mocking the hero a little) to identifying how oppressed they too feel, to then expressing admiration and "best wishes" for the hero, ending by hoping and counting down the time for their own freedom. Their wishing the hero well seems to be expressed by a (I'm paraphrasing what I see in these lyrics): "may your sources lead and connect you to a source that's ten-fold, so you're no longer outnumbered against and can take on your demons. to do so, may you identify in yourself what's 'you' and lose it, so that higher source can connect to and become you".

    So what I see here is the process of personal growth that occurs when we have the courage to overcome what's negative in us. The writer seems to imply that you don't/can't do that on your own, but the irony is that if you don't want to be on your own you have to lose what you identify as "you" (pride, ego, etc), and after doing so the transformation of becoming more than yourself (connecting to a higher source) can then take place.

    An exhausting, self-critical, self-denying, and all-around painful process to endure (the saddest of chores), but is perhaps preferable to being blindfolded, oppressed, and having the inner fire of one's being tamed behind a civilized demeanor that is tossed about and tortured by fate.
    aztribeon November 09, 2012   Link

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