I had a great time today with your wife
Under an awning
We had to stop there, wait for a while
Because it was raining
And we talked about you
Til the storm had passed through

You should have been there
You should have been there

It rained a long time, the kids didn't mind
Splashed on the sidewalk
And we both agreed that it was too long
Since we had a good talk
Everyone seemed okay
But then she'd never say

You should have been there
You should have been there

Stupid car stuck in the snow
Getting home, too late to go
I'm not saying anything
Just thought you'd want to know

When the rain stopped we checked the sky
Headed for home then
I said I would call, kissed her goodbye
Waved to your children
And the clouds burned away
To a warm sunny day

You should have been there
You should have been there
You should have been there

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    General Comment"A common interpretation of this song is that it's told from the point of view of the wife's new boyfriend on a rainy day out, after a divorce, with "your wife" being used ironically toward the ex-husband. Artificial Heart features recurring themes of abandonment, breakups, and marriage.

    It may also be about a brother or similar figure meeting up with the wife character, a widow, and talking about her late husband. This seems most likely, given the somber and regretful tone of the song, the refrain "You should have been there," and the speaker and wife agreeing that it had been "too long" since they'd spoken.

    Another possible scenario is that it is simply about a man having a chance meeting with a friend's wife, having a simple conversation, and parting ways, only to find himself later having to explain the entire event, which then taints what was perfectly innocent with the unspoken implication that there was ever anything to worry about.

    Yet another turns on the bridge ("stupid car stuck in the snow / getting home too late to go / I'm not saying anything"). The singer is implying that the husband is neglecting his family, and it hasn't gone unnoticed (a la "You're Gonna Lose That Girl", Beatles)." - Official JoCo Wiki
    Self Loathing Squidon February 10, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI think the tone of the song leans more towards death and mourning than betrayal and anger. Perhaps the song refers to a friend or relative of his dying and Jon looking over his friend's widow and orphans. Also the bridge refers to a "stupid car stuck in the snow" while the rest of the song refers to a spring rain. Maybe his friend died in a car crash in the snow, and the rain refers to how every time Jon comes over to his friend's family and tries to be friendly and help, instead he is hurting them by bringing back memories they'd rather do without. Just my interpretation though.
    killerkrabshelon January 02, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song has a definite feel to me of reminiscing over someone who has died. I imagine a trio of good, longtime friends. Two got married, but then one died; the singer maintains his friendship with the widow. The wistfulness of the refrain, "you should have been there" reflects the regret and mourning over the loss.
    ragnarok628on February 16, 2014   Link

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