"Severus And Stone" as written by and Benjamin P Cooper....
All the trees stood like skeletons
Silhouettes of spilled ink
And the snows fell in sheets and got wrapped around our feet
We built the fire evermore with winter beating at the door

Brother's eyes were getting heavier
His bony hands cold and white
And I could hear his ragged breathing like the wind along a knife
There beside him through the night, in the hum of candlelight
I no longer felt the time

Brother woke just after midnight
And he didn't make a sound
And as he climbed from out of bed with severed rings around his head
His feet didn't touch the ground

I could feel it then
A tiny miracle
So I followed him
Into the woods
Crossed beneath the trees
But only I left my prints in tow
He was afloat
Found a lonely tree
And tied himself within its limbs
And he said to me these words
Don't you fear for me
I am where I'm supposed to be

And when I woke he was gone
And I was wrapped in blankets on the lawn
The sky was blue and my skin matched the hue
And I could hear mother crying in your room
From here on out I wear this face for both of us

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"Severus and Stone" as written by Benjamin Cooper


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    Song MeaningIt's a straightforward story about a pair of twins

    The first verse sets the scene, it's a house in a forest of leafless trees in the depths of winter. They're (the family) is watching the narrator's twin coughing and rattling on his deathbed. The narrator loses track of time and falls asleep.

    When the brother wakes up and walks above the ground he's a ghost or spirit. The halo (although why it is broken I don't know). The ghost of the brother leads the narrator out into the forest in a snowstorm before rising up into a tree's branches.

    The key lines of the song are the "Don't you fear for me, I am where I'm supposed to be", which is a reassurance from the ghost of the brother that everything will be ok. I tear up when I hear this part.

    The last verse is the narrator waking up out in the snow in the morning. His mother is crying over the brother's corpse, and the narrator says that he will 'wear this face' (as a twin) for both of them from now on.
    wjk373on October 04, 2012   Link
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    My OpinionThis song is amazing.
    BoyNamedTimon February 18, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI heard a rumor that this song is about Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series. Even though I am an avid Harry Potter fan, I am having a hard time connecting this song to Snape. I'm not sure if it is even about him, but the title definitely does fit with the series, even if the lyrics don't exactly match.
    sarahw7on December 30, 2013   Link

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