Fishing for a friend,
Can't remember when it was dark
Or the sun coming up.
Far across the ocean lone,
While numb bears at home
Said I could never get there,
Never get there.

Breaking little twigs with my feet
And underneath
Is a road that's so steep.
Far across the ocean alone
While numb bears at home
Said I could never get there
But I'm already there.

(8 times)
Already there

(4 times)
Already there

We are already.....

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Numb Bears song meanings
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    My InterpretationI think that the "numb bears" are people who don't believe in you dreams or goals. "Far across the ocean alone" means that she maybe had to do many difficult things to reach her goals. "A road that's so steep" also shows her challenges. I don't really know about the beginning verse of the song but this is just my idea of what it means
    LiniKFon December 31, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationReally not sure where the 'numb bears' part factors in, but to me it seems like it's about the search for companionship/friendship. I take the line "can't remember when it was dark or the sun coming up" to be "I can't remember when I had a friend that I could talk to" since it was preceded with the line "fishing for a friend." These "numb bears" seem to be claiming that she won't ever find a friend and she'll remain alone, yet she responds that she's either a) already found a friend or b) has given up looking for someone. Maybe the "road that's so steep" alludes to the slippery slope that she's on in terms of being alone too much. She could be "far across the ocean" in terms of isolation. Love the song, but i had no idea what it was about so I had to come up with something. Hope someone reads this and responds with their interpretation!
    Loclnativeon October 22, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningIf You have listened to the first song on the album this would make sense.
    Here "fishing for a friend" to help her fight against the bees "killing machines" that made her "forest black"
    The "numb bears" are the people who doubt the survival of their love as described in previous songs.

    Repeating "But I'm already there" is referring that from the start (1st song on the album) they already were faraway across the ocean alone

    It's a loop and this makes this album so genius and mind blowing.
    Alliezlon July 22, 2014   Link

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