"Job's Coffin" as written by and Tori Ellen Amos....
Job's coffin looks down
Job's coffin looks down

To see what mankind
Is gonna do

There is a grid

All forces
Are being called
To dismantle this

As Job's coffin looks down
Job's coffin looks down

To see
What you're gonna do

There exists
A power of old
Who wanted earth
To be controlled

But She
And She alone
Is her own

She is her own

Job's coffin looks down
Job's coffin looks down

I can't be proud,
Proud of what I have done

Since time
Why do we women
Give ourselves away?

We give ourselves away
Thinking somehow
That will make him
Want to stay

Make him stay

Job's coffin looks down
At the day you
Shut your power down

You must uncreate
Destructive tendency

Let your fire
Start to
Heal the fury
Sister its time
To bring it
Back online

As Job's coffin looks down
Job's coffin looks down

To see what you're gonna do
To see what you're gonna do

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"Job's Coffin" as written by Tori Ellen Amos

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Job's Coffin song meanings
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    General Comment"Job's Coffin" is a group of stars found in the constellation of Delphinus. It's quadrilateral shape represents the Coffin but why it it "Job's" coffin, I do not know.

    Night Of Hunters as an album referrs to stars a great deal (Seven Sisters is the name of yet another group of 7 stars).

    The meaning and story of the song itself, seems to find the female character learning that a man is not needed in order to accomplish ones desires. It's about finding the inner "fire" within yourself and emerging a stronger and more understanding person. The lyrics reflect the female character in Nigh Of Hunters being aided by the Fire Muse (I think) to break free from the mental constraints associated with the broken relationship.
    StephenJarveon September 17, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFound this on wikipedia for the Job's Coffin constellation, also called Delphinus. The first story sorta seems to fit with the tale the song is telling.

    'Delphinus is associated with two stories from Greek mythology.

    According to the first one, the Greek god Poseidon wanted to marry Amphitrite, a beautiful nereid. She, however, wanting to protect her virginity, fled to the Atlas mountains. Her suitor then sent out several searchers, among them a certain Delphinus. Delphinus accidentally stumbled upon her and was able to persuade Amphitrite to accept Poseidon's wooing. Out of gratitude the god placed the image of a dolphin among the stars.[citation needed]

    The second story tells of the Greek poet Arion of Lesbos (7th century BC), a court musician at the palace of Periander, ruler of Corinth. Arion had amassed a fortune during his travels to Sicily and Italy. On his way home from Tarentum his wealth caused the crew of his ship to conspire against him. Threatened with death, Arion asked to be granted a last wish which the crew granted: he wanted to sing a dirge. This he did, and while doing so, flung himself into the sea. There, he was rescued by a dolphin which had been charmed by Arion's music. The dolphin carried Arion to the coast of Greece and left'

    gnosisontoaston September 20, 2011   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionI had no idea what she was talking about when i posted the lyrics.
    She says: ....you must out-create....
    and she says "...And can't be proud of what i have done..."
    CBoatenon September 30, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningThis is what i get from it. My own personal opinion, disclaimer :)

    There is, of course, the fox-spirit and tori discussion going on. The entire album is, to me, about making peace with the male/sexist/masculine beings/men in our lives as female/feminists/feminine beings/women
    (...instead of his blood by your thorn...). There is the story of Anabelle teaching Tori, but obviously (even as she wrote it she knew, and so did Natashya) there is an inter generational conversation going on. Job's Coffin (stars) are looking down, wondering why we "give ourselves away" and why there is a "grid of disempowerment." And those (same) stars can't be "proud" of what we older women have to do, just to exist. HAVE TO.
    However, there is a younger (newer, more pure) way of looking at things(as the fox spirit/young woman). "sister it's time to bring it back online." DON'T MISS THE PUN. "The power grid is back online." No more grid of disempowerment.
    The thing is, I wasn't much older than matashya when I started listening to Tori. Nothing has changed, really. it takes a generation...a rebirth....which is nothing compared to the age of the stars.

    I apologize for any misspellings, like "matashya." I'm having trouble editing. Not sre whats up with site. will elaborate more clearly when I can edit.
    CBoatenon September 30, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti agree that this song is about masculine/feminine forces and how they interact and can be reconciled -as is much of the album
    mikeesmithon December 31, 2012   Link

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