"Folklore" as written by and Mikael Lars Akerfeldt....
Hey you, will you be true
When you can see through what I do
Feel the pain in your brain, insane
Will I see my name in your scars

And you will see what you mean to me

Last between the lines
Do you feel the need
When the night comes down
And when the night comes down
A father is waiting

And you will see what you mean to me

Lost control and called your name
Left a home in the pouring rain
In a sea of guilt and shame
Will we sustain

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"Folklore" as written by Mikael Lars Akerfeldt

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    My InterpretationI see "night" as a metaphor for death, and "father" is a paternal god figure. "find out what you mean to me" refers to a final judgement, whether you have lived your life according to his tough demands. This is also what the scars and pain refer to, the self loathing and self harming requirements of religion. Folklore = religion. Opeth sure love them some death! Great song, especially the final parts. Opeth's extro/outro atmosphere is unmatched. Other examples of: Ending Credits, Epilogue.
    DrOnlineon March 14, 2012   Link
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    Song Meaningthe meaning of this song is quite obvious. it is about a child being raped by their father. hence the lines a father is waiting when the night comes down. the chorus "you will see what you mean to me" is a kind of sick twisted love statement. the song concludes with the father in guilt and shame as he wonders whether their relationship will sustain.

    mikael usually writes songs on a personal level so he may drawing the inspiration for this song from his own childhood experiences or worse, his own fatherhood experiences.
    macdaddypootyon September 27, 2011   Link
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    My Interpretationi belive this song is about a person, who's about to commit suicide because of the loved one. He just found out how he didn't mean as much to his partner. Feels himself worthless, and he wants to punish the one who made him cut himself from the pain he felt.
    This line "Will I see my name in your scars" makes me think, he wants some kinda revenge, for being hurt and wants to harm the other one, and wants her to live with the guilt, that someone killed himself because of her mistreat.
    I think "And when the night comes down
    A father is waiting" can also mean it's a couple with a child.
    We will sustain means, You will not be able to forget me.
    Doubt any women could forget a guy who killed himself, because she has cheated on him. And also, if you do not end a relationship, but kill yourself you don't leave any option to break up with you, so...
    This person wants her to feel the pain he felt, because of her, he wants to leave scars.

    But yeah, that's just something i tought about when i listened this song,
    I love the outro, it's just amauing, best ringtone i ever had.
    ProgNCatson January 31, 2016   Link

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