"Antibodies" as written by Laurent Bardainne, Nicolas Langlois, Arnaud Roulin, Frederic Soulard, Vincent Taeger and Nicolas Villebrun....
Alone, sex in shadow walks
At home with you
You say you have no control
At all, on you
The world is an empty place
Alone with you

Antibodies, antibodies, antibodies, antibodies
Antibodies, antibodies, antibodies, antibodies

Alone, sex in shadow says
The words "we're through"
These words have been such a waste
My wishes show through
So I will forget your face
Each time we're through

Antibodies, antibodies, antibodies, antibodies
Antibodies, antibodies, antibodies, antibodies

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"Antibodies" as written by Nicolas Langlois Laurent Bardainne

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    My Interpretation"Alone
    Sex in shadow says
    The words
    We threw
    These words
    Have been such a waste"

    "alone sex in shadows" to me means that this is a hidden relationship between two people. they don't tell anyone else in their lives that this relationship is going on. they wait till there is time to hide away and have the relationship, hence the 'in shadows' bit. the 'alone' part is that no one else knows that there is this relationship between them, also, if you are in a relationship that you are hiding from everyone else, it can be a lonely place when you are not with that person you are having the relationship with. You can't gush about it with anyone but a diary. You can't get advice about it from anyone. you are alone in it till it is through or till you both decide not to hide it any longer. Maybe it is just a repeated one night stand. maybe it is just about the sex but something keeps you coming back for more, and you are too ashamed about it to share it with others.

    "The words
    We threw
    These words
    Have been such a waste"

    So the sex had by these two people has been decided by at least one person to be more than sex, that it must be something more, and they tell the other person about how they feel. they may even throw out the words 'i love you' because they feel such a connection to this person, that it feels like love. the 'have been such a waste' part is pretty much the other person responding badly to the 'i love you'. therefore there is unrequited love, and the 'i love you' which meant so much to one person, doesn't mean anything to the other because it was purely a physical sex connection and not anything more for them.

    "So I
    Will forget your face
    Each time
    We're through"

    the person who said the 'i love you' doesn't quite want to let go of this thing they have even though it is just sex now. maybe they have a secret hope that it will be more some day if they just keep going back and stick with it. They can't get too attached though, because there is nothing solid about the relationship presently, so they hang on but try to forget it ever happened in the mean time in between the times of not having sex with that person. they always come back for more though.

    I sense there is some distance between these two people not only emotionally but also physically, as in it seems it might be implied that they live a bit far from each other. so, they get together when they can and they have sex, resulting in one growing a love that is not given by the other person in return.
    therefore the one who is in love has to use "antibodies" so they don't get too attached, while secretly knowing that it may be too late for that anyways.
    the other person who claims not to feel the love also could be using "antibodies" in order to not feel the love. They might be too afraid to fall in love so they put up a wall, making sure the "antibodies" cause them to be emotionally distant so they can ignore the love feeling.

    thoughts about the music video:

    what happens if the girl in this situation gets pregnant? is the girl the one who shows the love, or is she the one who won't allow her self to feel the love? if she feels the love and might be pregnant, then she worries that this will be the end of the relationship, wonders how the other person will take it; will they leave, or all of a sudden become all that she hoped they would be, and if they do, would it indeed be real? if the girl who might be pregnant is the one who refuses to feel the love, will the possibility of having a child with the other person break through the wall she has put up? or will it result in her not telling the guy about the child? will it lead to the end of the relationship, or will it make her give into what she's been feeling all along and face her fears?
    either way, the girl feels like a fish out of water in this situation because it seems like it is the first time she has had to deal with such a situation as this.

    the clear blob is the "antibodies" possibly like the spermicide which may not have worked in this situation as she might be pregnant. also the clear blob may represent how transparent the person is in the relationship that shows the love to the other person. the clear blob also may be the person in the relationship who possibly has gotten the girl pregnant and they don't have love for her, and they are not a solid person because they were just in it for sex. they are an empty body, hence the blob being clear, wobbly, and unable to hold a form of any shape for very long. they are unreliable and unable to show their emotions. the blob is not really shown in the same space as the girl either, so that relates to the distance between the two people, and how inconsistent, and hollow this relationship really is.
    artzy06on May 02, 2013   Link

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