I would say I'm sorry but I'm not sorry.
I would say hey what's the difference?
Entertain my lack of interest.
Because the one you are ain't the one that I'm after,
Closing in on your heart with the worst of intentions.
(I call out)

I could send you all away.
I can see you from the foot of my bed, I can't make out a face.
Don't ever ask me how I spend the only part of my life
I like all locked away inside a bedroom.
On the handlebars of your bike,
I rode a wave of emotion I can't begin to place.
And as we sat by the ocean, it crawled across your face.
I call out.

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Call Out (Laundry) song meanings
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    General CommentThe first verse is about a girl who wants him, but he doesn't really care for her. "Entertain my lack of interest
    Cause the one you are ain't the one that I'm after"

    Second verse is a little more cryptic, it's up to you to decide that part.

    Amazing album!
    mattphillion February 17, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionCan't say I can point to exactly what the song is about. But this band is fucking awesome, and I felt they needed at least one comment on a song, so I'm writing this on their best song (in my personal opinion).
    mxbradyon September 18, 2011   Link
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    Song FactThis song is about him Calling Out from work to do laundry. Fact. Also, this song rulezzzzz
    JoyceManoRulezon January 16, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is about a man using a woman for her body when she wants a relationship, plain and simple.
    ‘I would say I’m sorry but I’m not sorry’ shows that she feels bad about it, but he doesn’t because he got what he wanted out of it.
    ‘I would say hey what’s the difference’ is brief and confusing, but I take it to meaning ‘what’s the difference between having sex due to physical attraction and having sex out of ‘love?’
    ‘The one you are aint the one that I’m after’ obviously means he doesn’t see her as a long term option whatsoever, despite her increasing infatuation, which is probably only growing from his hard-to-get attitude. ‘Closing in on your heart with the worst of intentions’ of course meaning that he knows she’s only willing to sleep with him to convince him to stay with her, whilst he knows he has no intention of doing so regardless.
    This second verse seems to imply he does it frequently, ‘I could send you all away’, the word ‘could’ building upon the ‘would’ from the first verse. There is an indecision, but he is choosing to do the less moral option.
    As for ‘I can see you from the foot of my bed I can’t make out a face’ that more-or-less cements my theory that he is using her for her ‘body’ as the characteristic faces of these girls are invisible to him.
    The following two lines ‘don’t ever… inside a bedroom’ In my opinion reflect a reclusive personality, one without need of emotional dependency like the girl. He is either only capable of a sexual relationship or he feels it unnecessary to pursue one with this girl.
    ‘on the handlebars of your bike’ is both a sexual metaphor for him ‘riding’ her and also the emotional grip and influence he has over her.
    ‘I rode a wave of emotion I can’t begin to place’ means he took advantage of the hormonal young girl with a crush to get what I wanted, and in the aftermath ‘by the ocean’ it ‘crawled’ across her face as the reality of her situation came to light in the aftermath of the wave.
    As for ‘I call out’ I really have no idea, it could be the girl calling out for help or the boy realising his mistake once she’s gone.
    Adamanaguchion September 23, 2016   Link

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