Can you hear them?
They're coming
They're in the signal
They're in my head

Is it only me?
Am the only one to be called?
This pounding in my ears
Is calling me to rule the world

Rule the universe
As the Master of your fate
Can you hear the drums?
Don't try to fight them, it's too late

Each Time Lord child
Approaches the eye
Forced to behold the vortex
To be inspired or run
But as I gazed into the vastness of time
I heard the sound of drums

Can you hear them?
They're coming
They're in the signal
They're in my head

Can you hear them?
They're coming
They're in the signal
They're in my head

In professor's guise
Oh, Doctor, Doctor
You have healed me
You are not alone
It took you far too long to see me

Now I lay in your arms
Mortally wounded in your care
I'll leave you here forever
Last of the Time Lords once again

(Don't leave me now
Think of all we've done together
Think of all the vanquished foes
Think of all that we could be)

It would be hell for me
Imprisoned here forever
With you

(No, please! You've got to, please!
We're the only ones left!
Please just... Regenerate!)

Can you hear them?
(In my dreams they're calling)
They're coming
(And every waking moment)
They're in the signal
(I heard the vortex calling)
They're in my head

Can you hear them?
(I heard the sound)
They're coming
(The sound of drums)
They're in the signal
They're in my head

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    General CommentDoes anyone else get chills when the Doctor screams "REGENERATE!"? This whole song rocks, but that part especially is just spine-tingling.
    CatalystGhoston August 11, 2011   Link
  • +1
    General CommentObviously taken from the perspective of The Master at the season 3 finale, Utopia/The Sound Of Drums/Last Of The Time Lords (with a little foreshadowing to The End Of Time), and The Doctor's reaction, and desire to not be alone, even if it's with his greatest adversary.

    Personally, I get more out of the lines "Last of the Time Lords once again" and "No, please! You've got to, please! We're the only ones left!" than when he screams for The Master to "Regenerate!". The Master's spiteful decision and The Doctor's initial understanding of being truly alone forever.

    The truly ironic part of this song is how the beat of it, the drum beat, really gets into your head, and you can't shake it.
    drego5on November 07, 2011   Link
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    General CommentOh, CatalystGhost, you are not alone! I was actually near to tears when I heard that because it was so spine-chilingly awesome! This song is sooooo my new favourite song EVER!!!
    iamobsessedwivthe1stdoctoron August 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI also feel that this is the Master's lament and repentance for his crimes and trangressions against not only the Doctor but also against all civilizations he has destroyed, altered and set into descent. But the Doctor being the Doctor, he forgives the Master and is willing to help him live and become peaceful, but the drums will always torment the Master and he realizes this and that is why he chooses to not regenerate.
    xave94on May 02, 2012   Link
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    General Commentdrego5, you are in all which way shape and form correct.
    xave94on May 02, 2012   Link
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    General CommentBut in the end, didn't we find out it was Donna's grand dad who was knocking four times? It was really sad :( Still love this song soooo much! And chameleon circuit! Especially Charlie! <3
    LilyBeeLovesDrWhoon June 11, 2012   Link
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    General Comment#VoteSaxon
    Bendubzon June 25, 2014   Link

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