[Chester P]
I'm the space man type, chewing meteoric porridge
The asteroid arsenal's beefing up my courage.
The lunar base burglars, sun spots burn you up
I'll be shooting stars at Mars, the planet murderer.
My space ship's flying, a Red Dwarf alliance
Drying up the Milkyways, galactic pirates.
Sub that astronaught, my mind can't be rescued
I sniff stardust manufactured off Neptune.
I'm the cosmic gypsy, tipsy from plutonium whisky
This freaky alien from Pluto gives me.
My soldiers from the solar roll on you rapper droids
Like a heard of asteroids, spaceman magnetic space shower.
My debris clash is Jupiter, heavyweight powers
All my forces are nuclear.
So keep your cursive distance, feel when I snap
Like a venis a Venis penis trap, from Mercury and back.
I'm known by the king pins in drug rings of Saturn
You mess with this space thug and something's gotta happen.
So grab the Southern Cross if that's any constilation
Some space stations sell shit from Uranus.
But they get demolished by the interstellar famous
Spaceman type from a section that's nameless.
I'm the Cosmic Gypsy, welcome to my kingdom
The space is my wife and these planets are my children.

In my capsule (blast through) green escape pod
floating on through the velvet robes of some God.
Radio has gone dead, I navigate past the cloud Felix static
Like "Hey mum, look at me now!".
Rough course travelling. Infinite space palace
Open wonder faze with Aurora Borealis type light shows.
Diamonds where I tread on space carpet
Volcanic aerobus, brooding in the antarctic.
Show me a sign, I dock for the interplanetary flea market
Buy a frozen apple I preserved from the shower when your ship gets hit
Burning up, I remember earth, chewing on the pips.
(pip pip pip)
Your lazers can't touch my tracking, I'm star synced
with universal underground backing.
The Moon Hopping Massive and The Cloud Steppers
Plutonium sat at night, guided by satelites.
My stelar compass is energy of mind state
Emits solar power, o2 and gyrates.
Stay adrift, ocean sound before ships sail Megalian
Caravan time line trips.

[Farma G]
Farma stargazer, interstellar space chase asteroid belt waist line lunar man aids.
Universal Supernovas, Guide To The Galaxy, Hitch Hiking Time Bandits, seeking E.T.
Sleep walker in the stars. Spirits of the sky
Astrology reborn, with Taurus by my side.
A free celestial latitude sliding down black holes
My hemisphere magic brings spaceman snow.
Stardust sow and grey cloud, sky harvest
Satelite demolition, chicken run with a Tardis.
My Starship Enterprise is inter-planetary
With big banging theories from here to Pleiades.
The summer solstice countdown to be solar
The moon's in the ninth house, an old star order.
Angular planets descending from their birthplace
In tune with the infinite, desirible sky scrape.
A cosmical period, a cycle of Heaven
The biology of God has tied a ribon in the sky.
Atmospheric radiation, technological meltdown
Orbiting planets, for elemental power's found.
My head's burried in volumes, of space encyclodedia
Super natural creatures, Farma star healer.
I watch the Autumn Equinox then burned that Titan
I bathe in moon rays that feel totally enlightened.
In love with the stars, seduced by the Zodiac
Spaceman type, Farma universal man.

Lion of the Zodiac, know me the zoomorphic messenger
Who orbits the regular star, north of Nebula.
Storm cloud dweller, moonboots stepping on interstellar path
Letter trail of the Lexicon.
Alphabet soup, dragon space suit sentinel
Keeper of the Stargate, my soap stays chemical.
Boats placed in several places, zero gravitational fields
The stars plow my achres.
I'm weightless now. In Mother Natures immagination
Escape the stages of carbonite preservation.
I occupy lunar bases in moon craters
That shield me from meteor storms and new dangers.
Comsmos conquistadors crusaders
And space apes, saber tooth tiger soothsayers.
Explore the Jewels, removed with the spice miners
Precise science, black holes and white giants.
Psychic net runners and android head hunters
Cyber punks bunjee jumping off the third rock.
Mixing Smirnoff with dandelion and burdock
Moon juice sippin, step children of the Earth God.
My homes are Heavens,
I fell back to earth where electric sheep feed on the asfield turf.
I surf the network and my skin turns silver
Metalic anatomy, the space probe builder.
Rainbow conciever, I'm bleeding mercury
Caught in a time warp, and all I see is burgundy.
My finger tips glisten, gripping crystalized flowers
Red and green sparkle, marvel at the powers.
Asteroid showers, interplanetary rainfall
Brainstorm colour charts the cosmic paintball.
The megablast, travel on the Battlestar Galactica
JEHST, the invalid who infultrated Gattaca.

[Chester P] (x4)
I'm the Cosmic Gypsy, welcome to my kingdom
The space is my wife and these planets are my children.

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    General CommentJust made an account to say how unbelievable this song is, simply put its my favourite
    Good job to whoever did the lyrics
    PointKon April 20, 2012   Link

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