Eternity will smile
Eternity will smile
Eternity will smile
On me

I never said I was honest
I never said I was honest
But I am true
And I am true

We all see something different
We all recall something different
When we watch the parade
Go marching through

So be kind to all of your neighbors
Be kind to all of your neighbors
‘Cuz they’re just like you
They’re just like you

And you’re nothing special
Unless they are too

All my time I’ve walked a filed line
I've held a vacant sign upon my eyelids
All my time, oh Lord, I’ve been so blind
But now I see the light peek through my doorjamb

But there's no
Hallelujah, it will be gone soon, yeah
It will be gone soon

It’s just an empty room
This is our darkest cave
We’ll never see the day
But slowly make our way up to the mouth

And you’re gonna piss and moan
You let the devil in your home
You let the devil in your home
You let the devil in your home

Piss and moan
You let the devil in your home
You let the devil in your home
You let the devil in your home
In your home

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    General CommentIt's definitely 'filed line'.
    ptarmiganon September 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI don't mean to nit pick but I thought he says "I've walked a file line" like when you were told in school to stand in "single file" line. I took it to mean he followed a path blindly w/o questioning it. That line I'm not 100% on, though. Maybe he does say "fine, old" line.

    But I do know that he says "[But there's no] Hallelujah." As in there is no rejoicing b/c "it will be gone soon."

    Just my thoughts and version. Love this song.
    stolenrimson August 30, 2011   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionOfficial lyrics from band's website:

    i never said i was honest
    but i am true

    we all see something different
    we all recall something different
    when we watch the parade
    go marching through

    so be kind to all of your neighbors
    because they’re just like you
    and you’re nothing special
    unless they are too

    all my time i’ve walked a filed line
    i’ve held a vacant sign upon my eyelids
    all my time o lord i’ve been so blind
    but now i see the light peek through my door-jamb
    but there’s no hallelujah it will be gone soon
    yeah it will be gone soon it’s just an empty room
    this is the darkest cave we never see the day
    but slowly make our way up to the mouth

    you gonna piss and moan
    you let the devil your home
    SnwBorder52on September 18, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningI never said I was honest but I am true could mean several things but one obvious interpretation would be that the singer is trying to say he's just a man, not someone particularly special.

    We all see something different... The singer inserts the recognition of subjectiveness and the idea that he's not like you into the piece.

    Be kind to your neighbors... You're not special, you're just a man too.

    All my time... This is a new revelation.

    But there's no hallelujah, it will be gone soon... You can't wish problems away.

    This is the darkest cave... You not dealing with problems, complaining about them.

    You let the Devil in your home... Your problems are your fault.

    Just one interpretation. Hope this is helpful.
    colciferon November 06, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is a great song!

    It seems to me that the song is about an awakening of a person seeing life beyond himself. The part about the cave sounds like he was playing off of the allegory of Plato's cave. Coming into the light, the real world, opening your eyes to see beyond yourself and your own desires.

    He realizes that everyone out there in the world has a unique perspective and that in order to be respected, you must give respect to others and their opinions, because they are only as as special as yours. You can whine and complain, but your problems are what you make of them.

    Nice concept, great instruments in the song.
    Steph01924on February 25, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is an anthem for humanity. It's rough and raw- far from perfect; but PERFECTLY far from perfect. Askew enough to help folks of all walks relate on a very simple level....It's about owing your choices and owning who you are....and embracing imperfections- you're nothing special :)

    There is a slight tempo change....and a break. The song changes from a march to a slight riff....just for him to say that we aren't "something Special" and that he can finally see the "light" through the "doorjamb". Nevermind the reference to walking a "filed line"...we ALL know that feeling. The Honest Truth is just that....a truth
    jeremy1116on October 31, 2018   Link
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    General CommentWill people please start posting what they think the song means! I always come here to read peoples opinions.
    rossoneri91on October 31, 2011   Link

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