I'm everywhere you seem to be
I'm the steam from your tea
I'm the cream on your cheese
I'm the green on your peas
The peace to your war
I'm the fleece in your drawer
And the crease on your floor
I'm the store
Where you get your cigarettes at
The collector
Getting the bigger debts back
I'm the backpack
Carrying mics and tapes
I'm the emcee
separate from these mics(?) and fakes

I'm what makes your feet scream
I'm the A-Team
I may be a faint dream
And maybe I'm Maybelline
I'm man and machine
I'm your pants and jeans
I'm the damn man seen(?)
With the dancing queen
I'm the Fanzine cover
The Fancy lover
I'm the guy making fun of your Nancy brother

I'm the other half
I'm drinking your mother's draft
I'm the guy that your girl wants to scrub in the bath
And I'm a laugh, a chuckle, a guffaw, a snicker
I'm the autographed poster on the wall to your sister
I'm mister big boss man
Hittin' you with a sauce pan
I'm the eBay auction for a mint in-box Moss Man
I'm Hawkman
I'm Captain America
I'm rapping in character
I'm rabid hysteria
I'm mapping the area around your home, look

I'm home cooked
I'm the notes in your notebook
I'm a three ring binder
The G-string finder
The Louis Del Grande
Seen thing rhymer(?)
I'm the smartest lout
And I'm the hardest route
I'm a Marxist shout
and I'm an artist's doubt
I'm the beat of your heart
I'm a street in the dark
I'm the strange, deranged fiend you meet in the park
And I'm the teeth of a shark
Bitin' your neck
I'm the lighting exect
Who's like 'I'm liking the set'

I'm the mic check
I'm the ones and twos
I'm the emcee having more fun than you
I'm your blunts and brew
With some gum to chew
And I'm the guns in blue
Telling the bums to shoo
I'm what you wanna do
When you go no dollar
I'm a road scholar
Pro baller
Phone caller
I'm all your good memories
I'm your enemies
I'm kids on the internet
Who keep MSNing me
I'm the tendency
To be a curse dang Hoser
I'm your worst hangover
I'm your first bang sober
I'm your virginity
I'm your purring kitty
I'm the guy wondering
'He's 'Burg 'in't he?'

I'm trinity
I'm alpha and omega
I'm the bodega
Where you first played Street Fighter II and beat Vega
I'm Sega, I'm Atari, I'm an RPG
I'm roast beef with a melted piece of Arby's cheese
I'm hardly pleased
I'm not impressed
I'm not taking off my shoes
'Cause I'm not your guest
I'm hot to death
I'm regrets only
I'm B.Y.O.B.
I'm THE fly homie
You know me

I'm the face you make
I'm your favourite mistake
And I'm the lady of the lake
I'm a wraith you can't escape
I'm with you every time
I'm the name of this song
I'm Rhymes

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