"The Raven" as written by and John Kempainen Brian Eschbach....
Through midnight skies on desert winds bearing tidings of warfare,
Of endless pestilence familiar to the darkened one.
Empowering thelemic sign immortalize,
We bow to none weak.
Christian lepers are fading fast,
Enhungered beaks accept their flesh,
Necrotic skin.
Dissolving the Devil's will looming,
A reach ever boundless and omnipotent,
With radiance the hell bird soars,
Anathematizing victims curse them with hatred from our lord.
On wings of blackened grandeur ride,
Envenoming our weaponry with supernatural strength we strike.
Sad Christian failures to fade at last,
Be-winged fiends consume what's left.
Necrotic skin erupting,
The dark lord he's laughing,
Your father forsaken faithlessly,
Suffer endlessly.

Bird of omens,
Ill harbinger of blight,
The raven waits with vengeance in his sights.

Do as thou wilt is the whole of our law,
This world befallen within blackened claws.
Quarantined, contaminated destitute camps
Of putrefying grace plague on this world.
Eliminated raven returns reeking of their mass graves,
Harken to his voice,
Uphold our blackened creed,
Their god be dead.

Bird of omens,
I'll harbinger of blight,
The raven waits with hatred in his eyes

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"The Raven" as written by John Kempainen Brian Eschbach

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    General CommentThis is about the cult of Thelema and how the Raven is a symbol of death.
    OfDarknessSpawnedon July 20, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI could be letting my imagination run a bit wild but I think this song could be about a Christian genocide carried out by some Satanic force. Mocking Christianity by calling it the "plague of this world." The references to mass graves also makes me think genocide. The raven is considered a bad omen in Christian folklore because if I'm not mistaken Christians viewed any animal that fed on the flesh of men to be evil. During the Bubonic Plague, ravens would be seen feasting on the corpses of all the deceased.
    metalaznon November 25, 2012   Link
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    General CommentHey, but at least she called and tomorrow's a new day! Ah, the smell of sex and lies in the air. What a glorious aroma! Nice song. So upbeat!
    Jeffreystumpon November 25, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song is a mostly a play on an idea from the cult of thelema. They believe their are three separate stages of religion called aeons: aeon of isis (pagan religion which worshiped nature), aeon of osiris (judeo-christian religion which involved submission to a father god), and the aeon of horus (involving something with self realization and following your own will). The song is based on a transition from the osiris to the horus. Obviously the song is spiced up a bit and has Satan being the symbol of the new era, The raven is an important symbol in the song, since Aleister Crowley actually has used it as a symbol of desecration of Christianity in his writings. It's presence in the song is a mockery, since it tells of their inevitable demise as it happily waits for clean up duty. Overall a very sick song, and it captures the evil and mysterious vibe of the album very well. The riffs are probably the most technical on the album too, which have an unnerving Egyptian sound that goes perfectly with the mind-bending lyrics.
    HankHellon January 25, 2014   Link

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