"Carbonized In Cruciform" as written by and John Kempainen Brian Eschbach....
The circle of bones has been sealed,
Prepared for these most ancient rites.
Three virgin cunts arrested by chains,
Gut them like pigs,
Let their filthy blood drain.
Dark astral sigils brand their bruised backs with eyes disembodied,
Enshroud them in black.
Moaning, defeated, mere inches from death,
We reach out to you master with this offering of flesh.
Cremation of the captured,
Inhaling the funeral plumes.
Torches be soaked and then set ablaze,
Accept now this token of drek, death, and doom.
Observing communion satanic elite,
Nails through the midst of the lamb’s hands and feet.
Affixing with hammers,
A spear through the side,
Staked with conviction as if it were Jesus Christ.
Impaled and hung up there,
Three of their most rotten thieves,
In a black recreation so hideous and foul,
Of when this sickening lie was so deftly conceived.

Unearthly ritual,
Bloodlet thine human sow.
In flames his face appears,
Black intentions crystal clear.
Darkly the mass has encircled in silence,
The hooded look on the skies
They are threatening terrible storms,
Protesting this crucifixion.

So hear me now and rise up from the flames.
Twisting leviathan,
Our path left handed,
We bear the bestial markings spelling doom.
O master rear your horned head,
Master exhale your acrid breath,
We are your humble servants,
We bow before your blackened essence true.

Unearthly ritual,
Bloodlet thine human sow.
In flames his face appears,
Black intentions crystal clear.
Accept our sacrifice,
Their blood will giveth voice.
Carbonized in cruciform,
Black inversion of the one called lord.

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"Carbonized in Cruciform" as written by John Kempainen Brian Eschbach

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Carbonized In Cruciform song meanings
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    General CommentA ritual to call forth the dark one.

    Early song: Offering 3 virgins, crucifying them, and setting them aflame. Through the smoke the dark lord arises.

    "Accept our sacrifice their blood with giveth voice."

    Probably one of the best tracks on the ablum.
    reedbadfishon July 01, 2011   Link
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    General Commentstrnad is the master of satanic lyrics. he proved it with ritual, and carbonized in cruciform is a badass song.
    slime666on November 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt's clear that this song is about one freakin bloody satanic ritual. But it seems also to have a hidden rhetoric purpose as well. It seems that Strnad makes a pretty clear connection to the sacrifice to Jesus. He sets up a scenario where a bunch of dudes are killing their victims to appeal to a malicious being, with "black intentions crystal clear". Yet the listener will also make the connection that Jesus was tortured and killed to appeal to God. So in this setting with a few things changed up, we see something that is in the christian context widely accepted as a thing of beauty to be just horrifying torture to appeal to a bloodthirsty deity.
    HankHellon September 01, 2012   Link
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    My OpinionWhile in other songs he definitely criticizes Christianity, theistic Satanism requires its adherents to invert what Christians see as sacred. The purpose of the ritual sacrifice Trevor describes is to intentionally blaspheme and reject God in an attempt to appeal to Satan. The parallel between what happened to Christ and the victims is not meant to symbolize the brutality of Christianity, but is rather a description of an ultimate affront to God.
    ourchosenpathson September 06, 2014   Link

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