"Jester's Door" as written by Bjorn Gelotte and Anders Friden....
I say goodbye to you all at once
I don't dare to face you all alone.
I went from wreckage to world class
With a box of t-shirts and some records to sell,
But times have changed

I have to defend my actions.
The foundation crumbles and I have to leave.
Thanks for everything, I couldn't ask for more
I say I love you all, as I vanish through the Jester's Door

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"Jester's Door" as written by Bjorn Gelotte Anders Friden

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    Song MeaningI'm not going to lie-this song scares the hell out of me. I can see the interpretation of the lyrics referring to Jesper, but my own interpretation is much darker.

    I think this could be a goodbye from the whole band--think about it. For the past 9+ years, they've caught a lot of shit from "fans" about "selling out." Don't worry-I'm not a retard who refuses to acknowledge they're different now from 15 years ago-I acknowledge the difference. However, I'm also willing to give the stuff from this period a chance, and it's actually pretty good when you take it out of context from their older stuff.

    My point being-the FANS are the foundation of ANY band. "But times have changed, I have to leave--the foundation crumbles..." sound familiar? So many years of hearing the vocal minority has to take its toll...no matter how much or often the members of the band say they ignore it.

    I hope I'm totally wrong and look like a crying fanboy, but this was my first gut feeling after listening to it and in my mind it holds water. I'd just rather they announce a last album and do a world tour and then call it quits (think Sentenced's The Funeral Album).
    bsharpon June 29, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is my interpretation of the song, based on the current situation of the band and the lyrics themselves:

    I believe the whole album Sounds Of A Playground Fading is in some way related Jesper Stromblad's permanent departure from the band. This song, specifically, would be his fair-well speech.
    Eace420on June 21, 2011   Link
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    General Commentyoure both fucking stupid.

    to eace: are you fucking kidding me? the band misses him but theyre not going to write a whole album about a missing member. thats ridiculous, that would imply that they cant go on without jesper, which obviously they think they can. anders explained what the theme of the album is and its a hell of a ways from your delusional view on it.

    to bsharp: lol they have more fans than ever and their fanbase keeps growing, why would they give a shit about a few butthurt faggots bitching about their new music? they dont. they kept on going and kept writing music that they wanted to write and thats it.
    mrcloudson April 18, 2012   Link

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