i got no kind of plan
like hiawatha in a waffle van
i get it while i can
i'm loving up the thing
i got too tired to pray
not turning out too clever anyway
i'll see you later in the loading bay
i'm loving up the thing

pluto's my rising sign
got nothing looking like a grand design
the cheerleaders are looking fine
i'm loving up the thing

it's new improved despair
and my placebo's gonna get me there
gonna lie and cry and tease the bear
i'm loving up the thing

and it's the end the bitter end
and everyone is crazy so we blend.
all the goalposts moving all the angels sing
"we're loving up the thing"

"guilt is it's own reward"
said the martyred angel to the pleasure lord
"it's pretty much across the board
start loving up the thing"
those guys that we employ:
the action figures and the whipping boys,
homunculii surprised by joy
they're loving up the thing

and now the rain - the bloody rain -
and i just feel i have a duty to explain:
while i can't make any sense of anything
i'm loving up the thing

i'll be your reptile in your shower
(check the wiring - i'm inquiring where it all went wrong)
the indicators tell me sooner or later there's a song
(everybody know the band plays on)

me and my ecstasies
the feelgood factor is affecting me
i've found the eusocial insect in me
i'm loving up the thing
live at the abbatoir
i know how squalid the conditions are
but its so good twanging on this cheap guitar
i'm loving up the thing

you feel the rays, i count the ways
it's not important that we've both seen better days
all the claxons howling
death where is thy sting?
i'm loving up the thing

all rise - the day is mine
recalibration time
here's to a life of crime
i'm loving up - i'm loving up the thing
thus goes my open letter
so many things could be better
but i'm a born again go-getter
i'm loving up - i'm loving up the thing
in the time it takes to pack
i'm there and on the way back
gonna cut myself some slack
i'm loving up - i'm loving up the thing

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