Most of this is right I just can't figure out a few words in the first verse.

so when you turn your head from these lasers
you find that my ? gets mixed up
my equation seems like years away from this place
and this cold faith, bitter taste, squeezed in a ?

release me from this cup
and silence the wind that forgives
hearing the names calling
horsemen, charging

there is no safety in numbers

there's no safety in numbers

can i steer this ship?
or does she conceive me?

the lighthouse sheds it's light
and blinds me

the tree stands tall, stands proud
defeats me
logic, these numbers call to you

there's no safety in numbers

there is no safety in numbers

when you agree that you are casualty to equation
slave to schematics
a division of greater parts equal to the derivative of itself
and then multiply

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    General CommentI think this song and this whole album in general are about, at least partially, dealing with some of the darker aspects of the truths that psychedelics or spiritual experiences reveal. Basically, if we accept that we really are all one consciousness, then what are the implications?

    "Can I steer this ship?
    Or does she conceive me?"

    Do I control my path in life and the growth of my soul or is it predetermined by something higher? How much is me choosing my next action and how much is It doing for me?

    "And (not 'when') you agree that you are casualty to equation
    Slave to schematics
    A division of greater parts equal to the derivative of itself
    And then multiplied
    There is no safety in numbers"

    These last lines especially evoke this theme for me. Oneness is a beautiful truth, but some of the implications are so profound and existentially almost terrifying that it can shatter ones worldview and bring a lot of questions with it.

    Pretty much every song on Vaccine reveals this theme for me and this feels like a wholly original album that needed to be made. For those who didn't like the change of style, get over it. Simon Posford practically invented the psybient trance genre for all intents and purposes, so let the masters continue to grow and experiment because no artist wants to make the same thing a million times over.
    Blaringbluron August 20, 2013   Link

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