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There's something different going on out there
A piece of silence within
Helpless stranger looking out to understand
What it means to be real

I am
The life we always dreamed in
The life
Is not what you expect
So tempting
But nothing ever happens
And nothing feels the same
I lucked out again

Screw me I like it...
Screw me I like it...

If nothing's to it then what's happening, unknown
Shape shifted finite ending
Public scratching looking past the wounded trash
Our means to conceal

Or build a life of tired genius
Benign reverses how it's spent
So empty but something's never simple
The vicious cut remains
All senses and blame

Screw me I like it...
Screw me I like it...

Lyrics submitted by Skhizeinsara

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    General Comment*Perhaps it's wrong to color a person's perception about lyrics like this and it robs them of the experience of understanding what it's about. On the other hand, judging from the number of posts for DIMD and the nature of the subject matter, someone might as well do it.*

    *I think the meaning behind unDeveloped lies between the external ideas and the individual thinking them.*

    Something different going on up there...Within the individual's mind or this construct as a whole. And ahead for this "helpless stranger" awaits the life we always dreamed in, or the dream of a false reality. But "life"... it's not what you'd expect it to be. Perhaps the false reality is tempting because it's more comforting than the truth of the situation. And even though it's tempting to buy into this, at the same time it's implied that no meaningful changes ever seem to take place. Maybe the other aspect that's tempting is the desire to change to world and do something to create a permanent different.

    So you can also look at these lyrics as being about someone who dreams about being in the position to enact or inspire some major changes but once they're where they thought they wanted to be, they realize such change never seems to happen.

    Anyways if the lyric is "nothing ever happens and nothing feels the same" I think the idea might be that working to change our world feels useless because nothing ever seems to change for the positive, and doing nothing (as in total apathy) is useless because you just end up feeling the same about the planet around you.

    And maybe he sarcastically "lucked out again" because he's still alive (versus people you'd see on the news dying, etc). But he's saying it sarcastically because the world is so awful you aren't really lucky at all?

    "If nothing's to it then what's happening, unknown" is about those who would say that there's nothing going on behind the scenes that's any different than it has ever been. Or maybe more accurately, there's nothing to reality and what you see is actually what you get and that the basic assumptions are accurate.

    The shape-shifted finite ending likely refers to the popular conspiracy theory of the shape-shifting reptilians who are said to control critical aspects of government and corporations, etc etc. Just look up that one DMT'd / former soccer (football) player who had a fondness for turquoise clothing.

    I think it would be a mistake though to assume that ogre is making a declarative statement with this line, more accurately he's just sort of suggesting (perhaps somewhat sarcastically) the most provocative explanation for the colossal problems in this world and doing the same in saying that we might face a finite ending.

    That goes to the meaning of the chorus as well sort of. The idea being that one is antagonistically telling the world to "screw me, I like it". Could also be talking about the people out in the world who are unwittingly (that is they're allowing these things to happen through ignorance) being screwed by the system, and sort of making fun of them saying that they like the awful situations they're in as a result of how things are run.

    And so the person scratching is purposefully avoiding looking at some homeless person who has been chewed up by this world, and nervously scratching in order to try and conceal the way they feel about it...something to that effect.

    Honestly not sure if the lyric is "build a life of tired genius, benigns reverses how it's spent" or "life of tired dream years, lines reverses all respect".

    If it's "tired genius, benigns" you're talking about people who work all their life to make changes in the world through so much work and all the progress they make is reversed by people just acting in a benign manner. So it's basically useless, even for the boring genius working tirelessly to enact changes.

    Could also be "tired dream years" in which you're talking about those living the typical "American dream" lifestyle who get it taken away from them by either those benigns or a lack of respect because they're getting older or people just simply don't care about them. But to me the lyric could go either way I guess. Either way you kind of get a similar message. And it seems there are multiple versions of this track. And one of the versions is much clearer that he says "build life of tired genius" I think. So I guess that's the right lyric.

    And then it's "empty" to know you tried so hard throughout life only to have it all undone. But it's not simple, and yet even with knowing this, the vicious cut remains (as in the feelings about this planet I guess, or frustration with other human beings) and so the "senses and blame" about such a situation remain.

    So "screw me, I like it" because you don't really give a fuck anymore, and it could be statement pointed at all the people out there who do nothing and are contributing to all our problems, or it could be aimed at the originators of these problems at the top.
    DrGarlicon August 05, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIn the end, if you take nothing else from unDeveloped, maybe the most important thing is the idea of misinformation.

    For the type of person who is deeply concerned with congruence in the world, the type of person who seeks out some sort of truth to stand on in order to understand existence, this misinformation can be very problematic.

    And it's the fact that it's difficult, sometimes impossible to use science to inquire into the hidden intentions or meanings of other people's actions. Even more difficult is when groups of people are piled up into institutions and you attempt to reach firm conclusions about those situations. Then imagine how that difficulty can be magnified even further when you're examining these situations from your living room and on top of that you have a pretty weak basic education you're relying on.

    So you're deeply concerned with finding the truth, but the truth you're looking for is perhaps impossible to determine and you're looking for it from a poor vantage point (making it even harder to determine).

    But misinformation flows in both directions. On one hand, maybe you can't accept the "Official Version" that is presented to you. And on the other hand, the "Official Version" has been altered and obscured because it's assumed that you can't accept it. Or more specially, everyone obscures the truth in their heads, almost subconsciously, before they disseminate it to the outside world.

    There's a difference between a person searching for social truths from their couch and a person measuring the natural world using science. But one is so much more boring than the other, and seems so much less pertinent, right?

    And so people approximate the truth as best they can from their position in the world, and alter the "Official Version" as much as they have to in order to feel OK about it from both the dissemination angle and the acceptance one.

    So misinformation just keeps piling up, just piles of shit that keep growing and distorting reality. The Internet is a good example, obviously. And from both ends, in many cases, the people who put forth this false information think they are doing someone a great service, they think they're protecting something or promoting something. But it's all just bullshit.

    It's not the case that truth doesn't exist either, that you can't possibly trust any information. It's just that, with the gross excess of misinformation, you grow distrusting of any information you're presented with which is problematic.


    Beware of those who claim to possess ultimate truths about the world. But also beware of those who question the ground they walk on.

    And it's not that you should stop crying about all the poor decisions seen, just have to stay away from the alliance between that and your insides. Also knowing that it's not necessary to devise a thesis of everything and make constant connections between all situations. You're most likely stumbling in the dark anyways.
    DrGarlicon August 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentYou have to wonder if the conspiracy theory type of attitude that shows its scales throughout unDeveloped is perhaps some construct designed in order to be able to accept the state of the world.

    Like instead of thinking up a God who is the creator of the many benign occurrences in the world, you create a Devil who is responsible for all the problems.

    Because if the world is controlled by the long-reaching omnipresent tentacles of this nefarious construct then working to change things becomes less of a concern.

    Instead, absolutely all you can possibly do is "wake up" to what's going on around you. And until everyone "wakes up" nothing can be done.

    So once again, you retreat into your shell where all you can possibly pay attention to is your own existence because this conspirational power is too great for you to combat alone. Other people need to wake up for change to occur. A process that involves the vague ideas of "expanding your consciousness" or "understanding the truth." That change will occur from this "awakening" alone. Or in the provocation of some large-scale civil unrest that never happens.

    The inaction of such people is interesting considering their views, if they hold them to be absolute truth. You'll see lone wolf type of stuff, but nothing organized that actually moves closer to doing anything positive. Of course we've seen conspiracy theories turn into genocide in the past, but you can't paint them all as being the same in terms of ideas. The more modern ideas typically don't carry any serious combined action it seems.

    No doubt there's evidence for organized conspiracy, but you have to question supposed truths when they carry so much weight. What's wrong with a worldview that doesn't incorporate those sorts of ideas?

    Difficult to justify inaction, cognitive inequities when it comes to understanding why certain events have occurred. That is, the official version that you witness is too hard to take in and it doesn't have the flow of a nice narrative, too jagged, too many things you don't fully understand and the dots are difficult to connect.

    Moreover, there's the idea of having access to sort of hidden knowledge, a separator for you against a massive cross-section of the population (the majority of people) who are in the dark about such issues.

    These heavy belief systems are extremely problematic and, I think, exist because they serve specific intrapersonal functions.

    But do I only suggest this because I can't accept the truth of what's really going on?

    And then somehow, though the faces look different and the words change position, you can't distinguish your discussion with the fundamentalist christian from your discussion with the ardent conspiracy theorist. It's like the same song, just a different verse.

    Belief systems are designed to serve specific intrapersonal functions. If you end up in a situation where a belief system isn't necessary to you, truth becomes less meaningful because you're only concerned with the truths of specific actions you're involved in. But critical thinking and inquisitiveness are really something to be celebrated, but when you take the easy road to pursue those interests and are bombarded with misinformation (often not deliberately), you're going to have a hard time truly getting to the bottom of anything.

    It's a strange world we live in where people who claim to be most connected to the concrete truth of the world are perhaps the same ones who could be hiding from it the most. Even stranger when you've been there.

    But so many problems... No way to solve 'em. Have to run them through your machine, change into something else more comfortable. Or just put your head in the sand.

    No matter what you do though, you won't be able to stare directly into this metaphorical sun for very long. Because if you do, the last meal you consume... will probably taste like gun metal. Or something to that effect.
    DrGarlicon August 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentSo I could be way off on this, but it seems to me this song is about how life seems so great and perfect, but then the more you find out about it, the worse it actually is. Like the part about "Our means to conceal", I think that is about hiding all the undesirable parts of the world, how rich people don't care about all the problems in the world, like poverty, slavery, starvation... And "Screw me I like it" maybe it's because that's all the good in the world, temporary happiness like sex.
    niniskohgron June 13, 2012   Link

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