Heaven is like a dream
Where nothing bad ever happens
But Hell lasts two forevers
I am not afraid of death
And I am not afraid of dying
But I am afraid of what happens after

What can I say?
How can I make my way?
"I quit smokin' so much," said the pastor
"Confess your sins and God will let you in."
Someone said, "No thanks, sir."
And they said it with laughter

Heaven is like a violin
On which you play a sacred song
But Hell is like a broken string
And life is like a well
Or a hole you're trapped inside
And when you hit the bottom, it's gonna sting

I got my head on straight
I walked through the park just to wait
For a message in the sand to spread it's wings
Someone said, "Try this here cocaine,
It'll take away all the pain."
But I said, "No siree, Jack, it's a damnable thing."

Heaven is like a river
That flows forever strong
But Hell just takes you down without notice
And I am not a wise man
I am no more wise that you
In fact, I think I'm losing focus

I can't write another song
Even though I feel like nothing is wrong
I just don't want to see the day where I just stop trying
But I feel so sick inside
I feel like a living sigh
I think I'll break down and I'll just start crying

Heaven is like a woman
Who fulfills your every need
And she's beautiful, and she'll love you forever
But Hell is just an awful place
It's where you don't want to go
And you think you never will, but never say never

The moral of my story
Is when you pick a morning glory
Be sure to pick the prettiest one
Because for what life has got in store,
The afterlife has even more
And God will decide when your battle has been won

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