"Movin' Away" as written by and James Edward Olliges Jr....
Movin' away, crazy destiny
I'll always be an alarmist
Who'll jump at a chance, anything for romance!
I hope I'll always be what you want

Movin' away, those I'll miss, those I won't
But I hope your heart will be where my home is
A new life to create, a new life to create
Don't know quite why, but I was feelin' unsatisfied

I had to get out now try and find it
Possessed by your love, under the influence
And tho there's a new life line
I won't forget the one I left behind

A new life to create, a new life to create
A new little life

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"Movin Away" as written by James Edward Olliges Jr


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    My InterpretationLove the way MMJ ended the album with this one. This song really spoke to me as I have been going through a pretty rough break up for many months now. And although it's just my interpretation I can relate to this song really well because of what I've been going through personally with this girl. It starts with him realizing and accepting the fact that he just jumps into relationships and gets caught in romanticism and idealizing what isn't really there. But he does it for the romance! It's almost like a drug addict coming to grips with his addiction. He comes to terms with this while in a relationship with the woman. He realizes he was just ''under the influence'' and not being who he truly is. And he HAD to get out to find out who he really was without these types of attachments in his life. "I hope you'll be where my home is." This line really speaks to me. I pushed my ex away but at the same time I still wanted to be with her. Maybe he is saying he hopes you can forgive me or that I hope you keep in me in your heart so that one day we can get back together once I sort out my shit. "And though there's a new lifeline, I won't forget the one I left behind...A new life to create." He's finally moving on and isn't dependent on this relationship anymore but he will never forget the way in which it served him. When people break up there is so much bitterness but it takes many years for many people to come to the conclusion that they HAD to go through that shit to get to an even higher/more blissful state of awareness. Think about where you are now if you have a significant other. Do you look back on your exes with contempt or do you think, "gee, I'm really grateful I went through that so I could realize what I TRULY wanted...it taught me so much..." Every experience we go through is merely a teaching for the next lesson to be learned. I've had a couple brews so I'm probably rambling but I have listened to this song about 100 times in the last month and am absolutely taken aback by it. I hope you dug something I said and could relate if even slightly! Peace <3
    karmaisdharmaon July 19, 2011   Link
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    General Commentthis song made me want to create a username and add a comment. I've been a MMJ fan for years but it usually takes me a few listens for songs and albums like this to grow on me, but this song resonated with me immediately. It's spacy, in the clouds sound gives me the same feeling I get when I listen to Pink Floyd, pre-1970. It leaves you feeling depressed, but somehow content for having heard it. I've only listened to this album once, but I think I'm gonna like it. I think Steam Engine is still my favorite MMJ song.
    kyle1984on August 31, 2011   Link

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