There's a place in the town, a statue,
She'd make me wait beneath,
But its magnificent archways, archways,
That's where I'd go to weep.

I'm right up onto the counter;
Showgirl, perfect the slow body-roll.
And breakaway from the anger, oh, hoe,
Just got to let it all go,

But she loves me
More than anyone who wouldn't lay a hand.
She keeps mace spray,
For you can't rely on the common man.

That night up under the starlight,
Holly, you call, 'the great blistering blue,'
A strange formation came down from the ceiling,
And it began to move.

And so the shattering shards of glass fell,
And glistened this way and that,
But she would say I won't find my way through the plaster;
I'm an empty hourglass in the sand,

But she loves me,
More than anyone who wouldn't speak like that.
She keeps mace spray,
For you can't rely on the common man.

But it is alright,
Here in the time and the place I am,
You leave a light on all night,
Just to remind of the place I am.

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    General CommentMColliard
    1 min ago

    Rated 0 On the assumption that the subject of the song is women...she is where you go to...the body roll is either sexual or a death roll. It could signify the difficulties or the ending of a relationship...but a body roll in the sea often shows joy so a little ambiguous showing confusion of emotions....two extremes....with me so far?

    She is speaking her mind…the anger the confusion the desire...the song says "she loves me more than anyone who wouldn't lay hand"...we are always honest and risk hurting most those we love the most…more than anyone who would not express their whole depth for feelings.

    She also says she cannot rely on the common man. What has someone done and said that has made her feel she cannot rely on them, to trust them…to fulfill her love?

    Mace spray is used as a defense by potential victims against their attacker. She is the potential victim of a love. She does not feel she can trust them and their feelings. She is scared of getting deeply hurt and therefore is angry ...also a defensive action......and is pushing them away.

    The star and night sky represent love and romance...and are smashed...references to glass and the stars...plaster the sky or the stars when they land on earth.

    She seems to suggest that the one who loves her cannot find their way through the broken plaster to get to her, win her...because they are "an empty hour glass in the sand" suggesting that there is no depth to their feelings... they are not real...that they are shallow. A player perhaps...she is testing them...”can you prove to her your worth make her believe in your feelings for her....make her feel she can trust and believe you and all you say and do”

    She repeats she loves them " more than anyone who wouldn't speak like that"...she is telling them what they need to do to prove themselves...they have to find a path , a way to her through the destruction...the anger and the hurt.

    All is not lost..."it’s alright...light on...remind the place I am"...again is testing the feelings. She wants the person to know there is hope but they have to find the way to where she is...this could be mentally or physically
    MColliardon August 07, 2011   Link

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