"They Marry" as written by and Sabrina Frederica Washington Alesha Anjanette Dixon....
M with the I with the S - So Solid
Just bring it down, Sing for me now

[Asher D]
You just wishing you hype this
Jealousy and the hate is what forced me to write this
And you still want to spite this
Mis-Teeq and So Solid, you know that I like this
People know that I write quick
On the road with my flows they describe how my life is
I won't say who my wife is, I'll let her spit for herself
And you know she will hype this
You just wishin' you'd done this
There was never no fight if there was then I won this
I'm caught up in this fun bliss
These people have taken what I have accomplished
The same people they will run quick
Disguised as a friend and pretending to bump fists
How many times have I done this
I got flows in abundance, the raver will bun dis

[Chorus: x2]
They don't know the places we've been
Ain't seen the things that we've seen
We're sitting down reminiscing dreams
(They'll never know)
They'll never know 'bout the things that we do
They'll never know 'bout the strength of our crew
Ride to the rhythm as we're passing 'through

(Let the music take control)

The masters of simplicity go back from Shaolin
Teachers turn preachers they carve discipline
In a royal affair we reign from within
Let the journey begin
It's working on my lyrical tone
Day unfolds like a story done told
Feed your mind like a gun reload
With my lyrical flow feel I'm gonna reload
Jet with the set You know I'm high spent
Back in the days when I couldn't pay rent, yo
Struggling, juggling, hustling
People said I never meant this thing
So listen up as the story begins
Give me the mic let me ride, let me bling
Entrepreneur let me ride, let me sing

[Chorus: x2]

(Let the music take control)

M with the I with the s, so, so solid
Oh, just bring it down sing it to me now
As we do with the micro rude and proper
Get up on the mic as we come correct

I rearrange this
I came through and gave you a gift
So you can relive, So stop watching this
Because I'm living in bliss
Mis-Teeq and So Solid this
I worked hard for this now now I'm sippin' the cris
Are you feeling my drift
Could it be that I'm top of list
Could it be the way I uplift
Or the could it be that my style and my flow it is too hot for you
So you can't control it
Or could it be that the clips in my whips
Are going into sticks and they're already loaded
Could it be we turn tunes to hits
Mis-Teeq in the whips now you love us to bits, Yo
Could it be we blew the rave scene
Without speaking keen if you know what I mean seen
I make dough, when I happened to be on a mission
Back in the day I switched it to another vision
Now I wrote flows - Use my MC intuition
High like a kite though people want to stop and listen
We make tunes now people really want to listen
We make cream now people really want to glisten
It's alright though, listen to my Harveyism
And if you don't know, talking about my religion
I make dough when I happened to be on a mission
Back in the day I switched it to another vision
Now I write flows, Use my MC intuition
High like a kite though people want to stop and listen

I'm a lady and I'm gonna do this now
To the ladies living so cris, wow
Up on the mic, I'm a lyrical entertain
Making money was my aim before the fame
Me crack Alesha you know you're insane
Make hits you know I'm gonna maintain
On the mic I'm a lyrical viber
Here I go I'm gonna get you hyper

[Chorus: x2]

(The music take control)
They don't know
Don't know, know, know, know
They don't Know
They'll Never Know
Never know


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"They'll Never Know" as written by Sabrina Frederica Washington Alesha Anjanette Dixon

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