1 Heart beating to the foot steps stomping on the ground,
this is where I belong.
Finally, i've become the person that ive wanted to be.
its taken me a long time,
this is how it goes,
and im learning quickly
to surround myself with those,
who value me,
and are proud of me.

this is what fate has led me to,
standing on my own in front of all of you.
precious memories
i remember them like it was yesterday.
rise, and look at the man in the mirror,
he is the one that knows you'll follow through.

this is what ive become,
all on my own,
i knew that i could do it all along.

1000 lies
1000 times,
you told me that i would never make it.
These are the voices from your heart
nothing is less then what you make it.[x2]
follow them, follow them
these are the voices from your heart [x2]

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1000 Lies song meanings
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    My OpinionIn my opinion, this song is just kind off self-centered. It's just him saying he became a better person all by himself, and it sounds a little conceited. I don't know if it's supposed to be encouraging to others or what, because other than that, it doesn't really have a deeper meaning to me. The lyrics are really artistic and poetic though, and it's well written, just audacious.
    xxKurtxxon October 12, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is in no way a self centered song. It is about him, but it talks about him surviving all the lies thrown at him, al of the people that told him he couldn't do it, and he finally reached the place that defied everyones expectations of him. This song represents making it through this world without giving into doubts, and learning to find that strength inside of you that's always been there.
    cuttingthetieson December 07, 2011   Link

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