Deað bið sella
Eorla gehwylcum Þonne edwit-lif

Just a mile from Asgard,on the lake
Swims the Maiden old as the world
And my folk says of thet Lady so fair
That She´s called the Swanmaiden
And Lord Thor protects Her
While She protects the Fields of Gold
All friendships and happy families
Under the Midgard sky

Oh my Swanmaiden
Protect me too

Ure æghwylc sceal ende gebidan
worolde lifes;wyrce se Þe mote
domes æer dea Þe;pæt bið driht-guman
unlifgendum æfter selest**

Look back on the days,years ago
To the North,to Thy folk
Missionar with cross of blood,on our Field
Did Your Heart hurt badly?
And did You ask them to leave
As You saw what they´ve done to Thy kin?
Do You still hear the weeps of the Tortured and Killed?
Am I bringing tears to Thy eyes?

Oh my Swanmaiden
I hear Them too

Ne wæs Þæt gewrixle til,
Þæt hie on ba,healfa bicgan scoldon
freonda feorum

Tell me,did You cry for the sake of Humankind
As priests burned Thy altair?
For poor Thy folk that cries forevermore
And still lives in denial
For You saw the smiles of priests
When they bought Their pride
And the price was just a life of Their kids
Their husbands and Their wives

Oh my Swanmaiden
I cried too

æt Þæm ade wæs ep-gesyne
swat-fah syrce,swyn eal-gylden,
eofer iren-heard,æÞeling manig
wundum awyrded;sume on wæle crungon

As I stood and prayed by Thy altair,I made
I thought I should this tell You
To remind Thee of bloodbath
And all insolts they told You
Then a Swan flew over my head
And Sun shined like never before
And in His light I saw Sif
And swore to follow Her forever

Oh my Swanmaiden
I follow Thee

Forðon sceall gar wesan
Monig morgen-ceald mundum bewunden,
Hæfen on handa,nalles hearpan sweg
Wigend weccean,ac se wonna hrefn
Fus ofer fægum fela reordian,
Earne secgan,hu him æt æte speow
Þenden he wið wolf wæl reafode

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