"Pictures" as written by and John J. Peter Robinson....
If you crash a car into
Your best friend's house
Would you be quiet as
Words came out of their mouth

Stop, don't do it
I have been waiting for it
Stop, I knew it would come

If you find a god next to
Your girlfriend's bed
Would it be hard to
Sort out your spinning head

Stop, don't say that, dear
That you wanted him here
Stop, don't give him the clear

Take a picture of them
Take a picture of them

If you are afraid, don't be
I have the whole thing planned
We'll start in the ocean, baby
And when we find the land
We will be thankful to
All of our friends
That they didn't leave us
As we got to the end

Take a picture of them
Take a picture of them
Take a picture of them
Take a picture of them

If you find your faith in
Your parents' God
Don't be so quick to
Point out the flaws in it

You've been around and you've seen
The way that things work
But you need a compass to
Get around your house

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"Pictures" as written by John J. Peter Robinson

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    My InterpretationI think this song is a bout dying and the people around you dying, and that you shouldn't be afraid of death:

    If you crash your car into,
    Your best friends house,
    Would you be quiet as,
    Words come out of their mouth.

    I don't know exactly what this verse means, but I think in the "would you be quiet as words come out of their mouth" he's asking someone if he would hang on to life as his friends try to safe him from death.

    Stop..... dont do it
    I have been waiting for it,
    Stop..... I knew it would come.

    In this verse the naritve shifts to that someone, who has decided that he wants to die. He's telling his friends to let him die for he knew it was coming.

    If you find a god next to,
    Your girlfriends bed,
    Would it be hard to,
    Sort out your spinning head.

    The naritive shifts back to Leftwich. This time he's asking someone if, when his girlfriend is dying, he'd still know what to do with his life and if it would still be worth living.

    Stop.... dont say that dear,
    That you wanted him here,
    Stop.... dont give him a clear.

    The narritive shift to that someone again, the someone is now telling his girlfriend to hang on to life and not let the god take her.

    Take a picture of them,
    Take a picture of them.

    This verse can be interpreted in two ways, wich is why Leftwich sings the sentence twice. On the first time he's telling the someone from the first verse to take the memories of his friends with him to heaven. On the second time he's telling the someone from the third verse to let his girlfriend go but he should always remember her.

    If you are afraid dont be,
    I have the whole thing planned,
    We’ll start in the ocean baby,
    And when we find the land,
    We will be thankful to,
    All of our friends,
    That they didnt leave us,
    As we got to the end.

    In this verse he's telling us, the listeners, to not be afraid of dying cause he know what it will be like. We will go to some "land" wich is the afterlife. And when we get to this land, the memories of our friends will still be with us and we will be thankfull that they stuck with us to the end.

    Take a picture of them,
    Take a picture of them,
    Take a picture of them,
    Take a picture of them.

    Again he's telling us to always remember the ones who've left us and that whe will always remember our friends and loved-ones when we've died and went to the afterlife.

    If you find your faith in,
    Your parents god,
    Dont be so quick to,
    Point out the flaws in it.

    Here Leftwich is telling us that if believing in something helps you cope with stuf, than you shouldn't "point out their flaws" and you should just keep believing it even if it might seem unlikely.

    Youve been around and youve seen,
    The way that things work,
    But you need a compass to,
    Get around your house.

    In this verse he's saying that dying opens up a whole new world. Because when you live and you've seen everything, you have not seen what it's like to die. The "But you need a compass to get around your house." line makes this clear, the "new house" is refering to heaven or Walhalla or whatever you want to call it.
    CptInflateon September 15, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is all about looking at events in your life and deciding how you're going to react to them, and how they will effect you. Your actions and how you deal with things makes up your whole life and who you are as a person. Those moments, those pictures in your mind, decide who you are and who you will be.
    katekal29on April 22, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think tptinflate (sorry if i misspelled that) nailed it. Beautiful song, beautiful interpretation. Thanks to both.
    rustykenhason March 10, 2017   Link
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    General CommentBTW, I think what the first verse means is that you told your friends you were dying. You crashed your car into the side of their house with disquieting news.
    rustykenhason March 10, 2017   Link

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