Eligh 1

when i give you this my condition is that you listen up real close
don't let details fall through cracks or get taxed by folks who don't quote
my imagination governs the land you walk upon the ______ of sunlight reflect of the mic i talk upon
i once had a vision of love and now i'm entirely enthralled girl don't try to be the one because i'm involved
sounds waves enslave my heart forever and a day separate me from that is a suicidal serenade
a notion title to invital escapades territories so vast lightspeed couldn't cover my caravan
when i die my man burry me with my asr sound proof my ash box and blast me off to the bluest star
i'm the truest hardcore music lover you have ever met, and i'll never let, anyone, anything, any substance take me out of that,
cuhs that, is the reason i'm here on this earth, if you identify put your hands in the sky

real high, i'll never be anyone else, realize, real talk
my level will never faulter, alters my soul, metamorphasize my culture, inanimate objects come to life when i blast off in my saucer
in the in concept to those who live their life unconscious
cuhs she's the love of my life
you feel that bass in the steps she takes underground into sight plain as day
in the mind of a man who's in love in time it'll bring this world to a T
unite the youngsters on streets and question hunger and peace

Eligh 2

My turn i fell in love when i was young i spoke the words that got me sprung
speak trough him throughout the gyms and open recess with my friends and now and then
i find myself distracted irrational action ensue and life will lose its traction
don't back me in a corner girl cuhs i'm lashin i'm Michael Vick if you try to block me from my shit i'm dashing i'm out
you'll always be number two and it's the sound that i pursue in me it's too much for me to lose we got this two way street to cruise so baby don't cry

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