A smear of grey across the sky,
A warning in the distance,
An indecipherable alarm.

And there we stood, our mouths agape,
The deer caught in the headlights,
Our minds adrift and far from harm.

Smoke on the horizon,
Can the flames be far behind?
We run for cover but it's too late,
We are engulfed, we are,
The smoke on the horizon.

Nothing ventured, nothing lost,
We paid the price, but at what cost?
We sold our future to the past.

Accept a necessary doom,
Too easily and way too soon,
Ignore the wisdom we amassed.


A smudge of ash across the ground,
An undelivered message,
All that remains is memory.

A gust of wind across the plains,
Carries away the remnants,
Into forgotten history.

(Chorus 2x)

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    General CommentThis song is intended to postapocalyptic, from what I can tell.

    However, I can't help but think about how apt its lyrics are as a metaphor for the current political climate in the UK (and elsewhere).
    To be a bit more literal about it, I can imagine scenes from the Blitz.

    Please note that any opinions are mine and mine alone.

    "Nothing ventured, nothing lost," - People are too afraid of change and radicalism. They're too afraid of losing what few comforts they currently have, even if they'd be better off under a less conservative government
    "We paid the price, but at what cost?" - I don't know... the privatisation of the NHS? Disabled people being declared fit for work and having their financial lifelines cut; as they die at ATOS assessments or by their own hands or by the cuts the government is making?
    We sold our future to the past." - voting for conservative parties and ignoring their pro-nazism

    Accept a necessary doom,
    Too easily and way too soon,
    Ignore the wisdom we amassed." - I don't like to think of doom as necessary, but our current government just wants us to roll over and accept what they deem as necessary, even if it involves nuking the whole world.
    In the meantime, leaders who question nuclear war and terrorism are completely ignored. The smear campaign that has been happening against Corbyn has been relentless and gleeful, and - I believe - totally unfair.
    selbydate16on June 04, 2017   Link

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