You split and
Take in every time you see
A fake and counterfeit
In the mirror you appear
To see fear
And whisper this is it
In the mirror you appear
To see nothing else
But yourself as a face
A hollowed out space
Leave me with a razor
Just in case I fall face down on the ground
And somehow I found
Enough strength to lift my face
And make a sound
And muffled though it may be
And crazy it seems
I never felt closer to you
Just crying as you torture me

It's time to say goodbye
To the earth and now my worthless life
Cause everything I've ever made
Is dead now
Inside the grave

I just don't wanna be
So many things
And now that I see
I just wanna sing
I just wanna breath
I just wanna fly
I just wanna close my eyes
And take in the sun
And take in the air
I just wanna run
And murder my care
I wanna believe that I will be
Free elsewhere

Standing on a tower
Trying my hardest to make it
To you but I built this tower
Out of mortal bricks
Their breaking
I truly will surrender
My pretender
My disguise
And I'll truly start to
Render to your splendor
So it's time to say goodbye

It's time to say goodbye
To the earth and now my worthless life
Cause everything I've ever made
Is dead now
Inside the grave

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    My InterpretationI think it's about Tyler and his walk of faith. It's about how everything in his live has been fake and counterfeit for so long. There has been no real value to the things that he has put value in. When he says it's time to say goodbye and the following lines he means that he's saying by to his old life and accepting his new life and new meaning in Christ.
    emptyfisheron January 28, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationAt first, the chorus of the song sounds depressing and suicidal(maybe just because it's TOP lol) but after the line about surrendering to your splendor it goes to the same chorus but the whole meaning changes. It reminds me of what my theology professor said "Life is meaningless and empty without God, so you can either commit suicide or die to yourself and turn to Christ." Okay, so what my prof said may sound extreme but he didn't want people to kill themselves, he was making an interesting point.
    jtaggarton June 28, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe, this song is about Tyler (or a character) who is at first seeing the beauty in life then starting to feel disabled and out of touch with his/her love for things and life itself.. so as the song goes on, further in and at the end, Tyler/the character dies from suicide
    mfearson April 22, 2017   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song (to me, at least) seems to be about suicide and depression. Just a warning, in the following interpretation, I'll be mentioning self-harm, so read at your own risk.

    "You split, and take in every time you see a faking counterfeit." - Every time someone's lied to him or let him down, told him things would get better, and they didn't. Those are the "faking counterfeits". He's gotten to such a low point that he believe any kind of positivity is a lie, and it consumes him.

    "In the mirror you appear to see fear and whisper 'This is it.'" - TW - He's standing in a mirror, studying his reflection. He's ready to die, he's accepted his fate, and he's about to end his own life.

    "In the mirror you appear to see nothing else but yourself as a hollowed out space." - As I stated earlier, these dark thoughts are consuming him, perhaps turning him into "a hollowed out space".

    "Leave me with a razor and just in case I fall down on the ground." - This adds to the theory about this song having a theme of suicide. Razors, obviously, are one tool that can be used in the act of committing suicide. He's saying to leave him with that option just in case he falls into this hole of depression again, don't torture him by forcing him to stay alive.

    *I'm skipping a few verses here*

    "It's time to say goodbye, to the Earth and now my worthless life, 'cause everything I've ever made is dead now inside the grave." - This also enforces the idea of this song being based off suicide. Tyler clearly believes that nothing he's done at this point in his life matters, and it will matter even less once he's dead.

    "I just don't want to be so many things." - This could mean plenty of things. Maybe he doesn't want to be alive. Maybe he doesn't want to be depressed. Maybe he doesn't want to be so held down by the people around him.

    "I just wanna sing, I just wanna breathe, I just wanna fly, I just wanna close my eyes" - He wants peace, he wants the war inside of his mind to come to an end.

    "I just wanna run, and murder my care, I wanna believe that I will be free elsewhere." - Maybe he could find peace somewhere else- the next life, a new place, a different situation..?

    "And I'm standing on a tower, trying my hardest to make it to you, hut I built this tower out of mortal bricks, it's breaking." - He's isolated himself. This tower of his is actually his mind. He's become fragile, and he's falling apart. He's trying to get help, to reach out to someone, but he's in too weak a state.

    "I truly will surrender my pretender, my disguise." - No more fake smiles. No more saying he's okay when he's not. He's broke and shattered and his mind is at an all time low, and he's done hiding it. He knows he needs help.

    "Render to your splendor" - This simply means he's retreating. He's not going to fight this war alone anymore. He's getting help now, maybe from a friend or a counselor or a doctor.

    *the rest of the verses are just repeating*

    None of this is confirmed, it's simply my general idea on what this song is about.
    lovelymigraineon November 08, 2017   Link
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    Song MeaningSuicide
    RegionalAtBeston April 10, 2017   Link

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