"Stranger in a Strange Land" as written by Don J. Preston and Leon Russell....
How many days has it been
Since I was born
How many days until I die
Do I know any ways
That I can make you laugh
Or do I only know how to make you cry

When the baby looks around him
It's such a sight to see
He shares a simple secret
With the wise man

He's a stranger in a strange land
Just a stranger in a strange land
Tell me why
He's a stranger in a strange land
Just a stranger in a strange land

How many miles will it take
To see the sun
And how many years until it's done
Kiss my confusion away in the night
Lay by side when the morning comes

And the baby looks around him
And shares his bed of hay
With the burrow in the palace of the king

He's a stranger in a strange land
Tell me why
He's a stranger in a strange land
Just a stranger in a strange land

Well, I don't exactly know
What's going on in the world today
Don't know what there is to say
About the way the people are treating
Each other, not like brothers

Leaders take us far away from ecology
With mythology and astrology
Has got some words to say
About the way we live today
Why can't we learn to love each other
It's time to turn a new face
To the whole world wide human race

Stop the money chase
Lay back, relax
Get back on the human track
Stop racing toward oblivion
Oh, such a sad, sad state we're in
And that's a thing

Do you recognize the bells of truth
When you hear them ring
Won't you stop and listen
To the children sing
Won't you come on and sing it children

He's a stranger in a strange land
Just a stranger in a strange land

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"Stranger In A Strange Land" as written by Leon Russell Don J. Preston

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Stranger in a Strange Land song meanings
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    My InterpretationIt seems like he was thinking about mortality. My guess is he was considering or looking at a baby and the innocence they have. That they don't belong, and maybe he doesn't belong too because the world is as strange to him as it is to a baby. That it's become complicated and hurtful, and he doesn't feel like he belongs.
    leemodon January 31, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationWhen I first heard this song, I immediately thought of the novel by the same title by Robert A. Heinlein. After seeing the lyrics written down, the most striking thing is the rather obvious invocation of a Christian sensibility in the figure of the Christ-like baby. The novel by Heinlein-by the way-is brilliant, although perhaps naive.
    heatherhubbyon January 09, 2015   Link
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    General CommentHe's making a statement of where he sees civilization is & headed and he doesn't like it at all, mass stupidity, chasing the dollar, consumerism, wrapped up in their world of make believe, no thought but for their self's. Leon is the "man"! Top 10 songs of all time. imho
    jim1081065on December 15, 2015   Link
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    MemoryThis was my favorite Leon Russel song. I liked his style. Even his Jambalaya song in the mid 60's. But, I was 20 yrs young in 1971. I was long haired hippy who was on a search for God and meaning of life and a return to the Garden of Eden. We were Star Dust, we were Golden, and we had to get ourselves Back to the Garden. I understood the song to be about Jesus's return. And about getting free from the madness of commercial consumerism. Besides liking Leon's singing style, i liked the message i took from this song. I used to play 12 string guitar at the time, and met a musician in 1972 who gave me a personal written invitation to come to Edgar Winter's house in Aspen CO. He told that Elton John and Leon Russel were going to be there to hold jamming sessions with new musicians to put together some new bands. This musician, Jim McCartney, told me he would introduce me to Leon personally and ask him to help me get my own back up band and start my own group. I got home and took out that invitation and had to decide if that was really what i wanted in life. I had found Krishna. That day I was at the crossroads in my life. I could decide to go to Aspen and meet Leon Russel and try to make it in the music world and life the life of a rock star, or i could give up everything and go join the Hare Krishna temple. I prayed to Jesus to help me out, to guide me and tell me which way to go? The answer i got back was this was not His decision to make, it was my decision. Without giving it another thought, i took out a lighter and set the invitation on fire. I joined the Hare Krishna temple and never looked back, never regretted it. Today I was just looking up the lyrics to that song as i was writing about my life at that time and how i had come to this crossroads in my life that day, and made the decision to go the path i did, rather then a path that most likely would have taken me more and more into the type of life Leon is here singing out against. One thing was, I really wanted to play with George Harrison, who was also into Krishna at the time. A few years later I did meet George a number of times when he came to the temple in Los Angeles. I took him through a multi media museum i was working on and met him not as a musician, but as God brother and friend. All Things Must Pass - a-way...
    james10070on May 19, 2017   Link

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