Launching loony thoughts into the bending of your mind
You reach for something high but it's a mountain that you find
He's a king dust demon with an icepick smile
His music fills your feathers as you feel your passions fly

With the mustache man on the carpet of his van
You can feel your fatty tissues giving way to sweaty hands
And the woofers keep distorting and the tweeters kiss the girls
His horn-rimmed glasses lights a square beneath his curls

I have wasted so much time
I have wasted so much time

He is like a politician who is practicing a speech
He is racing, he is pacing, he is sleeping on his beat
As the sky begins to darken and the waves begin to roll
You can feel the oceans rising as you're losing all control

And meanwhile back at the Candlerock Lounge
It is past 11:30 and your friends are getting down
They're applying purple eyeshadow, drinking warm beer
They're wondering where you went to when you told them you'd be here

I have wasted so much time
I have wasted so much time

I have wasted so much time
I have wasted so much time

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Mustache Man (Wasted) Lyrics as written by John M Mccrea Vincent Robert Difiore

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Mustache Man (Wasted) song meanings
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    Song MeaningThe song seems to be telling the story of a girl who's taken advantage of by the "mustache man".
    darthdavidon July 09, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI think maybe this is a sort of continuation of The Distance... in The Distance, he abandoned his girlfriend to try to get to the top... Now he's abandoned his friends, leaving them to have fun without him.
    d3bateson February 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is hands-down my favorite track on the new album... No earthly clue what it might mean however. Guess I'll just keep listening to it and maybe have an epiphany.

    I'm intrigued by the refrain - which seems so in contrast to the verses... Hmmm.
    bigCAKEfanon June 10, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationHey guys i think i know whom cake maybe referring to as the 'mustache man'..

    the features of the mustache the curls, the funny mustache, the horn rimmed glasses and that he's a musician plus he talks like a politician, all match with that of musician 'weird al' Yankovic's look and style in the 1990's. In the 2000's, however, he's got a new completely different look. Just Google him out and see 4 yourself..

    And guess what there's a connection too..I read that 'weird al' yankovic had made a song called close but no cigar, which is a parody of cake's music style. Guess cake is getting one back at him for this:)

    Its just a hunch..What do you guys think?
    sarathsasidharanon July 24, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI think that this song is a secretive jab at hipsters. The words all add up, such as the title "mustache man" meaning a person that wears a mustache ironically, "His horn-rimmed glasses lights a square beneath his curls" hipsters also wear horn rimmed glasses and the chorus is the band lamenting that all their fans are hipsters
    oddditon July 27, 2012   Link
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    General Commentit's about John McCrea's experiences when he was younger

    "It concerns an issue that has been bugging frontman John McCrea since his days as a youngster when so many of his seniors sported facial hair above their upper lip. He told Spinner why he penned a song about mustaches. "I think people are dealing with mustache issues in our culture," the Cake founder explained. "A lot of people grew up with men around them who had mustaches, and I think it's a therapeutic thing for us to talk about it."

    McCrea added that he saw the song as a means to put to rights some terrifying experiences he had with the unsightly fuzz as a youngster. "The song was certainly therapeutic for me having grown up in California in the '70s and '80s," he deadpanned. "You rarely see a waxed mustache anymore, but I have a few traumatic memories from childhood, like of dudes who used wax to make the ends of their mustaches into a sharp object. Yeah, it's f---ed up. As a kid, I saw this, and even then, I knew this was such a strange world."
    zxc1412on December 17, 2012   Link

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