I feel like talking but don't preach
I'm all right
God don't make no junk
So you see
I'm all right
There's nothing wrong with me

I feel like taking off my clothes again
That sound is putting me to sleep
Can out (God made)
Can in (the birds)
Canned oxygen (And god made the bees)
Shut up (She's)
You friend (canned oxygen)
American (to me)

I'm sure I've had enough to know when I have had enough
I think I know enough to know
Can out (God made the)
Can in (birds sing)
Canned oxygen (And God let it be)
That sound (She's canned)
That sin (That's in) (oxygen)
That oxygen (To me)

Snap the can
Hand the can (Keep 'em)
Snap the can
The hand snap the can
Keep 'em like you would your silverware
Can the "snap the"
Snap the can
Meat in a can
Snap--snap, can
Snap the can handle
Handle the can
Warm up in a jar
Snap the handle like you would your silverware
Poison meat in a can

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Canned Oxygen song meanings
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    Song MeaningHere's my personal interpretation of the song, "Canned Oxygen":

    As with most Halo Benders songs, there's actually two different (sometimes similarly themed) songs going on: Calvin's and Doug's.
    Doug dominates the first half of this song.

    First section: Protagonist has a few things he means to say. It's an internal dialogue, probably rehearsing possibilities of an upcoming conversation: He feels like talking, "but don't preach," he mutters to himself. He knows how he can get carried away...
    He attempts to get his point across now, "God don't make no junk." (That's about as un-preachy as he can make it)
    "There's nothing wrong with me." Demonstrated with simple, rational statements. He is trying to make her see that he is okay. He is trying to convince himself it's gonna be okay. He is not a wrongness. God doesn't make mistakes.

    2nd Section: The manic antagonist responds. "Oh, how I deplore this conversation! Your incessant ramblings are making me weary. I'm so bored I could tear all my clothes off right here in the open." (She's done it before, this is no empty threat).
    ~~Then she pauses, indulging in her mindless addiction~~
    Canned oxygen? But... That's asinine, there's oxygen all around us.
    It's academic really. The anti-social behavior, the compulsion. Satisfying an obsession.
    ~>Re-focus. Screaming now, insulting him. "Friend," "American!"

    3rd Section: A bit more of the second: She knows what she's doing, so he should just shut up already.
    ~~That's the good stuff... oxygen, in canned form~~
    ~>Re-focus. "That sound again. The nagging never ceases. I can't take it. It's like... sin itself. It's like... canned oxygen!?"
    ->Duhn duhn duhn!... queue trippy yet suspenseful music

    Calvin's parts:
    Basically saying this -- GOD made the birds and the bees, right? Not her. She has no power over me. She's essentially canned oxygen, of little use or importance.
    He's making rational arguments to himself. He is trying to devalue her emotional and sexual importance.

    As for the whole "snap the can" section... not entirely sure but, I have a couple ideas. First and foremost Calvin likes to engage in this style of silly, playful, and often very clever wordplay. But what I think he's trying to illustrate here is: An advertisement, circa first half of the 20th century, for canned oxygen. Only, the person perceiving it is delirious, or moving in and out of lucidity. The figure on the old television set demonstrates the many uses of oxygen cans: **you can snap the can -- you can hand the can to some one -- **
    "KEEP THEM," the inner voice of the perceiving, addicted and obsessed, like Smeagol in Tolkien.
    The advertisement continues, unhindered: **you can snap the can -- and yes, you COULD keep them -- like silverware, a valuable investment, only to be brought out when company is over**
    ...trippy interludes of diverging voices, contradicting messages...
    **...snap the can -- like our old friend, meat in a can -- snap the handle up -- handle the can, preparing your delicious sustenance -- warm it up, in a jar mind you, never place metal objects directly into devices that utilize state-of-the-art microwave technology -- go on, snap the handle up, like you would with a spoon**
    ...the demonic voice of delirium intercedes suddenly, revealing the unwanted yet undeniable truth: canned oxygen? meat in a can? POISON meat in a can!

    Well... I may have taken a bit of poetic license there but nevertheless, I stand by my interpretation.
    sharpkaton December 03, 2013   Link

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