Riggidy Run for the hills cause the Mack is back
I'm hookin' up girls by fax[1]
If you're stacked, you can rub a Big Mack
I gotta gas so don't worry about scraps
(no, no)

Five foot eleven with a seven foot game
Gotta big mouth piece and I show no shame
Monsta kinky have no morals
Monsta loves to gets oral (ummmm!)

Got ten cars and the girls like that
I was born and bred to be a Mack
Once your sign is played
You gotta put a style in your game nowadays

In the Sixties girls was all high
LSD had 'em givin' up thigh
The Baby Boom [2] was on and I dropped
No more Woodstock [3] but now you got Mix-A-Lot

So put me in your CD changer
Watch your girl cuz' Mix'll re-arrange her
Ooo, he's sexist. Ooo, he's sexist
Keepin' Rush Limbaugh [4] restless

Well I'm da' Mackin' ass Monsta
Straight chase girls through the tail cause I wants ta
You can call it wack, but you respect this black
When it comes to game I'm a Monsta Mack

Big big big big big game, but the Mix-A-Lot game is tough
Big Game, Cause the Mix-A-Lot game is tough
I'm a Monsta Mack
Big big big big big game, but the Mix-A-Lot game is tough
Big Game, Cause the Mix-A-Lot game is tough

(Strike the pose) But she ain't nasty as me
Cause Mix-A-Lot is stuck on freaky.
Can't stop tappin' that tweety. Give it to the needy?
Nope, cause I'm too damn greedy

Here I go walking through the mall
Don't play ball, but I got game for 'em all
Focus on a victim, Focus on a victim
Mr. Richard [5] is hot so lets sic 'em

And like a Tomahawk[6] jumpin’ on a Scud[7]
Girl you got to gimme my pud
The pick up king is back buddy
Tryin’ to give lessons to these thick ass ballers and understudies

But I'm not tryin’ to call you no bitch girl
Don't give a damn if your poor or rich girl
And we can play a little pool
And I'm pokin’ that 8-ball cool

And the booties. I still like the booties
She got a little waist doin’ squats just to keep me on my duty
Giant size game's what I'm droppin’
Straight freaks with these thick ol' glutes is what I'm knockin’

Now the right wing wanna test me
If likin’ sex is a crime then you arrest me
But don't tell me who to sing to Jack
Cause a third of your life is in the sack

I'm a Monsta Mack


Drivin’ my car by the bus stop
'Til I spot a young cutie straight suckin’ down a soda pop
Baby girl's winkin’, Mix-A-Lot's thinkin’
Hope this girl's feet ain’t stankin’

Cuz I don't like stank in my automobile, Aight
So when you get inside don't throw
Cuz the carpet is clean so wipe your feet outside
And step on in and let's ride

Here we go, swingin' by Franglors[8]
I Get a little Soul Food, now you got a brother in the mood
Damn gotta get her home with the quickness
'Cuz this thickness boy on a witness

No need to put my girls on tilt
Cause straight up game will get your milk
The nasty dog is back with straight pimp game black
Ain’t no shame

I'm a Monsta Mack


Lyrics submitted by JohnnyLurg, edited by CosmicOsmium

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