I'm tired of being filed into classrooms
And made to sit in pews
Made subject to the tyranny of scriptures you abuse
And handed guns to march along
Like patriotic clowns
Believing anything we're told
And gunning anybody down

I know you think the flag's got something to do with being free
But what makes you think that matters to me

We think we're doing something right
No matter how bizarre
Turn some stranger into a demon
Cause we're told that's what they are
No one needs to wonder why we've become so despised
All the evil we're known for seem so righteous in our eyes

I know you think the flag's got something to do with being free
But what makes you think that matters to me
I know you think the flag's got something to do with being free
But what makes you think that matters to me

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Myth of a Christian Nation song meanings
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    General CommentFrom Josh:
    Myth Of A Christian Nation: The title was inspired by Greg Boyd's excellent book of the same name. It's pretty self-explanatory: a very explicit rant against the idea that America is "God's kingdom" or that the nation is noble and admirable as opposed to just another fallen worldly kingdom. Our idea of freedom has nothing to do with any nation. Jesus' call to love and die for our enemies is in no way exemplified by a ruthless powerhouse that stands for blowing your enemies away, and we've come to resent the false connection of America to Christ that confuses people the world over.
    honestlyhanaon November 17, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI agree that America is too strongly asserted to be a "Christian nation" as if it has one collective soul that has been saved. But "believing anything we're told and gunning anybody down"? Sorry, I don't see it anywhere around me. It's not just that it's unpatriotic, it's that it's untrue. I've never heard anyone connect America to Christ (maybe to Christian culture or a vaguely mentioned "Creator"), I don't see how we're "gunning everybody down", I can't think of a scripture that is abused for America's sake, and in general it's just a sour rant. What is it about the word "America" that freaks out all the musicians in the world? Maybe I just need to read that guy's book. I don't know.

    "I know you think the flag's got something to do with being free
    But what makes you think that matters to me?"

    Maybe the fact that you're using the very freedom that you claim to be so apathetic about to write these very words. Writing that is sort of self-defeating. Everyone believes in freedom whether they know it or not. Any reason I've heard for opposition of freedom is that some other person is misusing it (so people want their own freedom to take away that of others). No one wants their own taken away and if they do, they are taking their freedom away by their own free will.

    But the bottom line is, at some point the guy writing this has heard lies about Christian culture or seen a very small minority of it which is like what he describes in the song. Or read a ridiculous-sounding book (yeah, I know I haven't read it). He should be grateful for the opportunity he has to parade his faith in front of as many people as will listen and make a living off of it. By the way, "For the one who is not against us is for us. For truly, I say to you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ will by no means lose his reward." Mark 9:40-41. Words of Jesus. What's wrong with those who have pride in their faith? That verse will apply until someone can give me a good example of how "patriotic clowns" have misused bible verses or gunned opposition down.

    Lampala1203on January 19, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe ass is attempting to tie going to war with being Christian. Sorry, but our leaders are politicians of all faiths and of no faiths. They did not fight ANY of the modern wars due to religious conviction...NOT ONE. There appears to be little Christianity in politics. As for the flag, it's a symbol of freedom, considering when it was first seen/written about during wartime. Any symbol can be abused, and by people of faith or lack thereof. I believe the first four letters of the band's name adequately describe why the song was written.
    wholelottawomanon December 03, 2011   Link

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