my ears are ringing
pavlovian bell
still singing
clear as names
purged in philanthropy

for the record
never checked
is rarely chequered
history is written
for the screen

what is the world
if not a stage
and this life
if not a game
if i have no more
to lose than a wager
i'd say the odds
are in my favor

minty dollar
printy more
till makey smaller
sugar water
set to saturate

kill your neighbor
lock you away
for bad behavior
kill a million
meet heads of state

what is the world
if not a stage
and this life
if not a game
if i have no more
to lose than a wager
i'll see the odds
are in my favor

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    Song MeaningThis song is about looking at the world objectively, as if it's all a game. The chorus describes the thought process that leads to objectifying life - life is a game, and I intend to win it.
    The verses support this, and hint at world leaders who are willing to do anything win.
    For example, the "kill your heads of state" verse is a reference to a Joseph Stalin quote, "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions... a statistic."
    Stalin murdered over a million Russians for treason during the 'Great Purge,' which allowed him to gain complete control of Russia. He became known as one of the "Big Three" with Brittan and America, and often held conferences with Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.
    Stalin also rewrote history, and sponsored propaganda films that re-told events in Russian history that never happened (History is written for the screen).
    The parts about names purged in philanthropy, and gov't sponsored inflation kinda confuse me though. Maybe he's talking about other politicians and world leaders who are playing the game of life to gain power?
    Thanks for reading!
    JonnyDon December 07, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningNearly 100 years ago, Ivan Pavlov and his dogs became famous worldwide for their demonstrations of what became known as conditional response. Pavlov would ring a bell, then feed the dogs. After a while, the dogs started drooling the minute they heard the dinner bell, whether dinner was forthcoming or not.
    HellionChildon January 29, 2011   Link

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