"Dog's Blood" as written by Dallas Green, George Pettit, Chris Steele, Jordan Hastings and Wade Macneil....
Endless whispers, skies that bleed;
Dog's blood falls to earth like rain.
Choke the rivers, flood the streets;
Caught in a hail of canine teeth.
New kind of soldier, born of scars,
Cut from the skin and the blood of dogs
Face my arrow, campaign of fear;
Insides will drown, drink their own tears.

Howls heard for miles around.
(We will all drown, we will all drown!)
In dog's blood we will all drown.
(We will all drown, we will all drown!)
No escape, no mercy, from the lurid sound.
We'll all bathe in the blood of hounds!

They will hunt them to the last;
Time of the mongrel, down to the past.
Sterilize you a new scene.
Wolves awake from their endless dream.
Born of faith, but the alpha will fall;
Every new year marks who are born.
Man will strike with the hands of God;
Marks the end of the era of dog.

Howls heard for miles around.
In dog's blood we will all drown.
Howls heard for miles around.
In dog's blood we will all drown.

Dog's blood!

Dog's blood!
(Howls heard for miles around.)

Lyrics submitted by MayaMoo, edited by TheAdvance, CAKunited

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    General CommentThese lyrics haven't been submitted anywhere yet so I've had to play it by ear. Feel free to suggest corrections. :)
    MayaMooon November 11, 2010   Link
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    General CommentEndless whispers, skies that [bleed]
    Wolves awake from the [endless dream]
    [They] will strike with the hands of God

    I love how Dallas screams in the chorus.
    tkxxx7on November 15, 2010   Link
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    General CommentGeorge said, before they released OC/YC, that he thought it was their best album yet.

    I'm a massive fan of Alexisonfire. I've been listening to them for about seven years now, and I've seen them a fair few times. No matter what album, single or EP, there's a certain kind of magic about Alexisonfire that has always set them apart from the masses of other bands in similar genres. I'm proud to be an AOF fan; I'm not one of those people who moaned about George's "singing" how radio-friendly or mainstream they've become - who cares, as long as they still make good music?

    The thing is, it wasn't good music. I respect that the band can't keep putting out the same albums forever - it's important and necessary for bands to evolve and change, but as much as I love Alexisonfire, I cannot fathom how they thought Old Crows/Young Cardinals was a good album, nevermind their best. Some of the old elements were there, particularly in songs like Midnight Regulations and Young Cardinals - those epic, rousing choruses so typical of Alexis, the sense of oppression and desperation coupled with the energy and unbreakable spirit of the masses Alexisonfire seem so good at channeling. However, these were the few gems in what was, sadly, an album almost completely devoid of the magic we'd come to expect. A band of that caliber should have been able to put out a much better album after we had to wait three years for it, surely?

    I thought, when I first heard OC/YC, that maybe that was it for the band. We'd had a good run, and I'd always adore the first three albums with my entire heart, but their time was over. However, I had the pleasure of seeing them live three and a half times after June 2009 (the Olympics disaster doesn't count) and they still had it: the magic was not dead! I think that they realized on touring that people still loved the old stuff much more than the new stuff, (when I saw them in Seattle, more than half the setlist was orginally meant to be OC/YC, but they ended up playing more stuff from Watch Out! and Crisis at the crowd's request). Maybe this EP is their way of appeasing us like they did that crowd.

    At any rate, I feel hopeful. Dog's Blood shows us that, even if it is relegated to an EP, the magic of the Alexisonfire we all know and love is still there
    Wambson November 22, 2010   Link

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