"I Never Can Relax" as written by and Forrest Kline....
I saw the city
From the window of an airplane
(I got bummed and I thought)
(There's nothing except for a lot)
I was too anxious
To get anything accomplished
(My mind floated around)
(While I tried pulling it down)

I have so many things
That I can't find a place for
(My head got overrun and)
(These things are no more fun)
I tried to shake it
But it shook me down completely
(There's no telling right now)
(But I tried spelling it out)

Oh I fall asleep
But not so easily
As I might
Oh I try to keep
Every little thing
In mind

I poured out all my heart
And that's not the saddest part
All this time
I had thought
There'd be more
Oh, it was like
There was nothing to pour
Oh I can't be sure

(Oh, I never can relax)

Oh, I fall asleep
But not so easily
As I might
Oh, I try to keep
Every little thing
In mind

(Oh, I never can relax)
(I never can relax)
(I never can relax)

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"I Never Can Relax" as written by Forrest Kline

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    General Comment"a lot of the time i can't seem to turn my brain off. i could lay in bed for 2 or 3 hours just running various things through my mind, and then the worst part is when you wake up the next day and its not even like you figured a bunch of rad shit out... you just spent a few hours considering assorted topics and made zero headway. i get antsy sitting around somewhere that i can't occupy myself in someway. a lot of these songs are about getting over that feeling and getting comfortable flowin' along. but this ones not. its more about feeling like you have to paddle in the opposite direction of the chillwave and fight every current that pushes you in any direction. which is very much how my dog gordon lives his life. never at ease. its why we bond."

    - From the journal on hellogoodbye.net
    xxmodernloveon November 17, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song really hits home for me. A lot of songs about nerves tend to describe chaotic emotions but this song describes how I feel perfectly. "I try to keep every little thing in mind" - before I fall asleep every night I think of every moment of the day. Not sure that's what Forrest was getting at but I interpret it that way. Awesome song - I'm loving their new sound.
    msfwon August 07, 2011   Link

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