My best days work is my worst enemies fear,
and I believe my mistakes are only miracles wrapped in mirrors
I had to lie, im sorry, I love
and that’s as clear as I can get while knowing im responsible,

I know its not my fault and its probably not yours,
Of course the monster knows its not his chore to use all of its force.

A coward in disguise, trembling and happy,
antsy to appear before his see through judgment day.

Id love to see the family tree begin reach out far enough to where the sun no longer has to talk to roots under rock bottom
Of a cruel intention that was buried long ago and has evolved and manifest in its conception of drama

Show and tell, breathing thinking, bleeding lava Barcoo never bothered to align itself with love or karma lost

Mama do not leave me here, wont you please come with me
spin me in a circle of influence till im dizzy,
lift me, hug me please don’t miss me please don’t tell me what im thinking
Male ?Iona?, marijuana smoking barter system hit me

Living off the land,
burning all the money.
Learning that through giving there’ll be no one that goes hungry.

Sensitive prepared,
sensitive to light.
no evidence is needed to have empathy for life,

listening and hearing,
receiving in some space,
no hesitation when it comes to any given choice

Possibilities, so many angles move,
around the disappointment of the failure in the bruise,

see gypsies tell a tale,
of a man that traveled through
an abandoned battle zone and turned the attitudes to new.

He answered to the animals who had all of the clues on how to properly advance the comprehension that’s so brew

And after making magic,
he made love to what he knew
was bound to be stuck to the bottom of a watered down excuse.

Caterpillar skin,
and reason to grow wings,
and crows that flock around the silky fibers that I hang, In—
stinct isn’t necessarily bad,
when you think about the fact
that you don’t know how to adapt to an-attack
and I can feel the glass pressed up against my warm face,
knowing that a broken home is worse than ever going lonely again

so it stays in the cycle,
so afraid to idle and yet you rule out that if the engine dies revival
may take more than two cables and the belief in electricity.
When angels go extinct I want to put my faith in anything,
And somewhere on this day I lost faith in the human race
even though I only cared enough to judge them all.

Shared spare pain, confusion, rain or shine,
this brain isn’t mine,
and this shame is illusion made in time,
by designs that I started calling mine the day I responded to name

Age can be useless, especially when you think about your time,
if you would like you are wasting it every time,
you chase loose balloons,
floating through the wind in hopes to tie them to your wrists to fly and try without dying again,

If I really believed I could fly, I’d trade you both my eyes,
Open up my focused mind and close down that pawn shop in my head,

Yeah the one behind the counter sometimes has no clue what things are worth and feels bad for those that brings things it in and pays them all I have,
Scum bag, regular lies, so far behind em, by a leash, tied to its teeth, prying at the beast that lives inside the inner --- child that screams that forces those who hear it to believe that bleeding isn’t necessarily boy crying wolf,

and even if it is, I still feel obligated to comfort him while he tells lies about the suffocation, cause even though the image and the tears may be a lie, it doesn’t mean that what I see is real so I must comply, with his demands to taste, dry them off his phantom face, then proceed to sell him something that I made, in hopes to develop the level of interaction between two totally unsettled, gentle yet level headed human beings,

waiting to dig deeper its worth the understanding why, loving one another is the most fulfilling high, so when I see someone on my way and passing by, I just give a little wave and look directly in their eyes,

bright eyed and bushy tailed, for now I smile as well as I did before I knew anything at all, (x4)

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